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Question about "trolls"

Recently a user with an offensive username created an account for the sole purpose of being disruptive. It was done fairly late, so no mods or builders were online at the time. It was all sorted out and the posts have been deleted (thank you for getting that done so quickly by the way!), but it has made me wonder; what is the best way to address this kind of situation?

Like, I know that there is a "report" option, but is there anything else that should be done? My approach was to tell the person that wasn't appropriate, and to tag one of the community managers into that post. Is this the preferred approach, or should I have done something differently? 

Re: Question about "trolls"

Hey there @Tiny_leaf,

Using the report option (which is in the three dots on any post as "Report Inappropriate Content") is the best option as we get alerted to those and are able to easily find the posts. Your response to this particular user as well was great Smiley Happy

As it happened overnight, unfortunately not much can be done until a staff member logs on. But reporting it using the "Report Inappropriate Content" is the best option.

Thank you for being so on top of things the other night and reporting this user for us! Smiley Happy


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Re: Question about "trolls"

@Tiny_leaf  just wanted to echo what @Jay-RO said - thanks so much for reporting the posts. It's a lot easier to keep the forums safe and happy when everyone pitches in Smiley Happy


It's up to you whether you choose to engage with inappropriate posters, though it's probably not a bad idea to leave it until a mod/staff member is around. If the situation escalates then we don't want anyone being left to deal with it on their own late at night Smiley Happy

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Re: Question about "trolls"

@Jay-RO @lokifish Thank you. Smiley Happy It's good to know more about how the "report" button is responded to, I wasn't sure how quickly it'd be seen by someone.


And I wouldn't be that bothered if it did escalate, as I'm not interested enough in what people like that user think of me, I more just wanted to double check if that was an okay thing to do/ doesn't make your job harder..

Re: Question about "trolls"

I saw that too @Jay-RO @lokifish @Tiny_leaf...
I hated seeing that. It made me feel horrible. But I didn't know there was a report button...

Now I know!

Re: Question about "trolls"

@xXLexi_Lou122Xx yeah, they were horrible.. who even says all that?

(btw I'm trying not to include any details about what they said, since that'd make the posts being deleted not very useful...) 

I had to put in a lot of effort to not break the guidelines while responding to them.. my words can become quite harsh when I'm angry at someone. There was a lot I didn't type... Smiley Mad

But trolls seem to enjoy it when people loose their cool, and I didn't want to reward their behavior.


Anyway, at least they're gone now, plus we know that the report button works! Smiley Happy

Re: Question about "trolls"

I'm glad. I know what you mean by not typing some things.
It's so frustrating, isn't it?

Re: Question about "trolls"

It is!!! Like, I knew that I couldn't solve the problem by adding another horrible post (even if it was at that person) but man was I tempted...


Still, I think I managed to avoid ranting for once in my life. Smiley Happy

Re: Question about "trolls"

I know...
I'm glad you stopped yourself.