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Question - changing usernames

Hey is it possible to change my username on here?

Re: Question

Hey @Jesssister2001, I don't think you can update you're username, so if you would like to change it, I believe the only way is to re-register under a new member name

Re: Question

Hey @Jesssister2001, I've just moved your post here, so that anyone else wondering can find it easier Smiley Happy It's okay if you want to reregister to change your username too, but it's not possible to change it after making an account.

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Re: Question - changing usernames

hey @Jesssister2001, unfortunately we can't change usernames on here.

 As @Erin-RO has said, you can re-register, but it will need to be with a new email address and username. 

Please send us an email at to talk about this Smiley Happy 

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