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Reply post getting deleted?

Hii I had recently posted on Pasta's thread (in 'Something's not right) replying to their concerns and problems but when I looked back to their thread my post was gone. I reposted the same reply again, but when I checked back again the post was gone once again. Just wondering if it was because my reply was not appropriate? Or is there some sort of glitch or something?

Re: Reply post getting deleted?

Hey @drpenguin 


Was this post made tonight?


Re: Reply post getting deleted?

Hi @drpenguin 


I found your post! We have a feature that marks things as spam without us knowing, sort of like a spam inbox for email accounts, and for some reason it marked your two posts as spam - I'm thinking it's related to the link that you shared? Anyway I've gone in and marked it as "not spam" for you, and it is showing up on the thread like it should now. 


Thanks for bringing this up. Generally speaking, if we have removed something we'll let you know why Smiley Happy

Re: Reply post getting deleted?

@Maddy-RO Ahh I see, thanks!!