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Support for older men (but not old men)? Does it exist?

Hi everyone.


I suffer from depression and serious social isolation due to ill health and, well, LIFE.

While I am 52, I still find much of the information very useful on the Reachout site.


While there is a lot of support for youth 25 and under, and for the elderly 65 and over, there is very little support for those in or approaching middle age like me.


Is anyone aware of any support mechanisms in use for my age group? We seem to slip through the cracks.


I'd really appreciate anyone's thoughts. Thank you.

Re: Support for older men (but not old men)? Does it exist?

Hey there @beachedas first of all, great username bru.


There's a lot of support out there, it can just be a little trickier to find! Here's a few that might at least get you headed in the right direction Smiley Happy


Here's a few places where you can talk to others and form a few connections with people going through similar things to you.


The Men's Shed forums

This is particularly great as its highly likely there's a Men's Shed near you where you can meet people face to face find one here Smiley Happy


Beyond Blue (link is to the forums) but have a read of their resources as well if you're interested.


Sane Australia- these folks are amazing, particularly for people living with more long term illness and mental illness. Again check out their great community.