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These forums are awesome!

Hey guys! I'm Xin, and although I've heard of, I never really paid it any attention. Man, I wish I had taken the time to look at this site years ago. This site is great! And more specifically, the forums are incredible. I can't believe how mature, kind, sensitive, helpful and caring everyone is here. I've only read a handful of threads, but I'm really impressed by the community spirit. The moderators in particular really know their stuff, and I'm inspired that there are such people in the world. So keep it up everyone, you're all wonderful people doing incredible stuff just by being who you are.






Re: These forums are awesome!

Wow Xin,
That means an awful lot! Thank you so much for sharing your feedback!!
I definitely agree that these forums are pretty amazing and definitely unique in everything that we do. Smiley Happy
But the most important part of the forums are the users who come on and share their stories and ask for help. It's all about sharing a journey and ReachOut LOVES to be a part of that journey! Smiley Happy
The users are really what makes these forums so amazing. Smiley Happy
Thanks so much, Xin! I think you are pretty amazing too and I hope you stick around. Smiley Happy

Re: These forums are awesome!

These forums are a blessing.Where else can you go and be around other people who can relate to what we are going through.


I think its great to make friends here so you can keep in contact and support each other.This time of year is bad enough so we all need that extra support at times.


If you find that there's someone who might live in your area it would be nice to be in contact offline as long as you respect each other and do the right thing.Having a friend away from the computer might just be enough to brighten up someone's day.It might even save their life.


People with any disorder or diease have a hard enough time in their lives so it helps if we can make each others lives easier.


Keep these forums alive and we all win.


Re: These forums are awesome!

@Krisd - Aww it's so great to hear this! I'm so glad that you've found the forums useful!!!
I agree that this time of the year can be hard for some and that's why having this safe, space online can be great.
I hope to see you around the forums Smiley Happy