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Weird bug, is nothing clickable????

Getting to a thread and finding nothing's clickable???

You can't press reply, high five or anything at all...

Well we have a short term solution while we fix the problem properly. 


You have to scroll up and hover over the mega menu (for even just a second), then you should be able to click everything again.



By the way, this is the mega menu:

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You want to get the menu to pop up when you hover over Forums, Apps & tools etc. Then you'll be able to click.

Online Community Manager

Re: Weird bug, is nothing clickable????

Cool, thanks! I was trying to figure out how to even reply to anything, and if it was only me or what. Smiley Tongue 

Thanks for the temporary solution Smiley Happy

Re: Weird bug, is nothing clickable????

Okay, cool that works. How odd!