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What is sidekick bot?

Hey so I’ve been noticing this thing called “Sidekick-Bot” for ages now, literally over a year possibly even longer. What is it? Any mods or CMs happy to explain? 
All good if not I’m just genuinely intrigued. 
Is it a robot? I like robots. 

I wonder how it would go getting past a captcha.


Beep Bop Beep Beep Bop 



@sidekick-bot Feel free introduce yourself. FD67BBD2-FF6B-46C9-A5F1-D1A87F5D195E.gif


Re: What is sidekick bot?

@Saltwaterdreamtime To my knowledge the sidekick bot is our AI that helps pick up spam and move it to spam quarantine for us. It's quite good except sometimes moves posts into spam that aren't spam and we say oh no your post got eaten by the spam bot, and we'll tell the tech team that you've been having issues with it. Sometimes it misses posts which is when the mods step in and remove it. I don't know how it would go getting past reCAPTCHA Smiley LOL

Sidekick-bot says: "beep boop hello Saltwaterdreamtime" Robot tongue

Re: What is sidekick bot?

@Lost_Space_Explorer5 Ok great now I know who to blame when I see spam getting through the filter. @sidekick-bot you need to try harder, you have 1 job.



Re: What is sidekick bot?

sidekick-bot: "beep boop Robot Sad"