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Would you like to become a mod?

We're taking applications from 18-25 year olds to be volunteer Peer Moderators where they will gain experience with Australia's leading online youth mental health service - 

Peer Moderators work alongside mental health professionals to provide online peer support to the members of our forum community. Applications close on Sunday September 7th 2014 at midnight.

Youth moderators play a key role in maintaining our safe and supportive online forum community, volunteering with our service delivering effective mental health promotion and prevention.


Youth Moderators gain valuable skills in:

  •   positive psychology
  •   strengths-based frameworks
  •   active listening
  •   empathy
  •   professional boundaries
  •   self care
  •   values and non-judgement
  •   and much more

Successful applicants will need to be available for a 3 day training workshop on the 10th-12th October in Sydney. All accommodation meals and transport from anywhere in Australia will be arranged and paid for by us. 

After completing the training, Peer Moderators commit to 2 hours of volunteer work a week that they can carry out anywhere in Australia so long as they have an internet connection. The initial commitment is for 12 months with the option to renew.


Apply here: click




Online Community Manager

Re: Would you like to become a mod?

Peer Moderators

Job description

Revised August, 2014


The peer moderation program is critical to the success of by:

  •          Building community and creating a sense of community connection for site members.
  •          Fostering a respectful and issues-based site culture (rather than personal problem focused).
  •          Helping to manage the risks associated with a user-generated site through identifying offensive, slanderous and other forms of illegal or inappropriate content that breaks the house rules.
  •          Strengthening our youth participation model and making it for relevant for young people across Australia

Role and Responsibilities


The four areas of work for Moderators are contributing; listening; moderating; and maintaining forum culture.


Contributing: Moderators are role models and need to become active members of the community forums, it is important that they lead by example and make strengths-based contributions to the forums.


Some simple ways to do this are:

  •          Start, encourage and facilitate conversations
  •          Make the site active and therefore welcoming
  •          Respond to threads, especially in the Wellbeing board
  •          Respond to new users
  •          Ask open ended questions
  •          Keep the conversations positive and constructive
  •          Join in Hangout and self-help activity threads
  •          Comment and respond on the fact sheets, stories and feature articles
  •          Keep the community updated

Along with the general duties listed above there are plenty of other activities Moderators can participate in to build community throughout the forums and the rest of the site.  Moderators are not expected to do all of these activities, but choose which parts suit their particular interests and time schedule.  New Moderators will have opportunities to buddy up with more experienced members to gain experience in these activities:


Facilitating Getting Real conversations: The Getting Real sessions are a weekly facilitated discussion on topics to do with young people’s wellbeing on Monday evenings. The board will be open for 2 hours every Monday night and the discussion are organised, planned and facilitated by Moderators.

Co- facilitate Infobus sessions: The Infobus session runs once a month and is planned and co-facilitated by a mental health professional and a Moderator. Infobus are a chance for the community to discuss more serious issues in a safe environment

Write content:  An effective way to engage the community is to write content for the site. It is one way for Moderators to link in and advertise the Infobus/Getting Real sessions, Community Challenges, other projects or an issue or event that you care about.

Yahoo! Answers: Moderators who demonstrate their ability to effectively respond to young people going through a tough time will be given the opportunity to respond to Yahoo! Answers questions on mental health on behalf of This activity is not a requirement of the role, but an optional extra activity.  Moderators who commit to taking part in this activity answer 2-3 questions a week.    


Listening: One of the main roles of a Peer Moderator is to let users know that they have been heard


An important aspect of the role is to be friendly and to listen to community members in a non-judgmental way. Moderators play an important role in leading by example and modelling good help seeking behaviour. Always keep at the front of mind that is a place for peer support and is not a counselling or crisis service. Moderators are not obliged to comment on any content.


Falling in line with the philosophy of encouraging and normalizing help seeking it is important that Moderators always refer to help-seeking information when appropriate.  Moderators are trained how to use’s info and provided with extra resources such as the Actionable Help Guide and the Help Seeking Directory. Talking about help options may also involve sharing positive personal help seeking experiences


Moderators are trained in active listening as well as empathy, strengths, professional boundaries, positive psychology and self-care.It is important for Moderators to show their own personality and share their own experiences (as they feel comfortable) when posting on the forums.  This helps to foster community on the forums as it shows members that there are actually real people who really do care behind those user names. It is extremely powerful to hear from someone who has made it through tough times and say to others “it can get better”.


Moderating: Moderators take the main responsibility for moderating Hang Out and Wellbeing boards. Moderators will have full moderation permissions including the ability to move any post to the Tough Times board.


Moderator responsibilities for moderation are outlined in detail in the Content Assessment and Escalation Chart but to summarise they are required to:

  •          Capture & remove non-permissible content and document
  •          Respond to user queries about the forums, seeking guidance if required.
  •          Moving distressed posts to the Tough Times board
  •          Hide posts that contain a small amount of non-permissible language; and
  •          Escalate to Mod Squad or Community Manager
  •          Direct members to guidelines in a supportive way
  •          Hide spam and advertising
  •          Contact/report posts to staff when appropriate
  •          Not over moderating and creating a censored environment.


Culture: It is important that Moderators are aware of the culture of the RO forums and the moderation program.


Positive psychology. We have a strengths based approach based on positive psychology. Moderators understand these concepts and help keep conversations focused away from unhelpful negative circular thoughts. Talk about the hard issues and the negative moments is important and valid, but when it becomes circular and ruminative it’s appropriate to take action. This can often be done by creating the types of posts you’d like to see others make. The community will follow your lead.

Solutions based.  The forums are a place to talk about issues at a community level with a focus on solutions and help. Although we can talk about serious issues on the forums it is important that these conversations are framed in a way where the focus is on the solution - what did they do about it, what helped, what worked in a particular situation. The conversation will stay productive and about the group not just one person. This is not a one-on-one support service.

Self-care. and the  Moderation program have a culture of self–care.  It is important to us that everybody puts time aside to take care of themselves, fills out a care plan and is willing to apply for reflection leave when appropriate.

Support each other. – It is important for Moderators to stay informed about what projects other moderators are working on and to support each other in these.  We are a team.

Spread the word. Share your knowledge about - raise awareness about young people, mental health and technology. The more we talk about it, the more we chip away at the stigma of getting help.

Communication. Communicating and collaborating with other Moderators is very important as it helps us work together as a team. The ways in which the team do this is on Moderator private board; Facebook group; by email; by Skype and by sharing Google Docs and Google Calendar.

Be yourself. Showing your personality online gives authenticity to the forums and sharing past experiences can encourage others to seek help

Be a role model. It’s important that you lead by example- Moderators teach other members how to use and behave on the forums through participating in a positive way themselves.

Have fun. It’s one of Inspire’s values. We celebrate our achievements in a variety of ways – we make it enjoyable to be involved with Inspire.



Commitment to role


Moderator must commit to a three day moderation training workshop. If completed successfully, Moderator are asked to commit to 2hrs of moderation work a week for a twelve month period. During the workshop, each member will develop their personal project to complete over the period. As well as working on their project and moderation work, Moderators must spend at least 30mins of their working time per week in moderation program private board.


Moderators must complete a care plan and be responsible about their own mental health and wellbeing, using strategies to avoid burn out. It is also normal for everyone to go through a tough time at some point – we just ask that you rely on your healthiest coping mechanisms and access whatever supports you have in place. If at any time a Moderator finds that they need a break they will contact the Online Community Coordinator and they will be granted Reflection Leave.

Online Community Manager

Re: Would you like to become a mod?

Hmmm I thought about this the other day actually and was wondering when applications were going to open. Definitely considering applying. Thanks Sophie! Smiley Happy

No human being, however great or powerful, was ever so free as a fish

Re: Would you like to become a mod?

@Sophie-RO Do you think you'll have this open again in 2-3 more years?

Guess what day it was!!! It was Wear It Purple Day!! Come on over and learn all about what it is and what you can still do!

Re: Would you like to become a mod?

@N1ghtW1ng They take on new mods every year Smiley Happy

No human being, however great or powerful, was ever so free as a fish

Re: Would you like to become a mod?

Hey @sophie-ro

I know of somebody who might be interested but she isnt signed up to but follows the facebook and reads here but doesnt post. Do you have to of been signed up here a certain amount of time and all that? Can anyone apply?
I would like to myself but I don't think I'm sane enough to be helping other people...
//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//

Re: Would you like to become a mod?

Hey guys!

@lokifish - awesome, look forward to reading your application if you decide on it!!!

@N1ghtW1ng - yep, like lokifish said we take on new mods ever year!

@j95 - yes absolutely! Anyone can apply so please tell your friend about it (it will be advertised on facebook next week too). And while it's probably a good idea for you to be focused on helping yourself first and foremost right now, I think you have all the qualities we look for in our mods so maybe next year?

Online Community Manager

Re: Would you like to become a mod?

Ohhh...I was thinking the other day I wouldn't mind doing this. Unfortunately I'm 27 now... (not when I joined obviously).  So I'm guessing that rules me out as being eligible?

Re: Would you like to become a mod?

@_sagira_ I'd say so Smiley Sad

No human being, however great or powerful, was ever so free as a fish

Re: Would you like to become a mod?

Unfortunately yes @_sagira_ you won't be eligible. And @lokifish - I have had to close the application form as we got over 550 applications already. If any current members want to apply, email me sophie(a)

Online Community Manager