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read unread messages

Sometimes the threads in the home screen will say I have unread messages when there are none. It fixes if I "mark all messages as read" but I was just wondering why this happens, if you know why. 

It's not a problem, just a little confusing sometimes. Smiley Tongue


Hope you have a good week. Smiley Happy

Re: read unread messages

Thanks @N1ghtW1ng! I think maybe this is because our moderating system posts messages through there but only mods can see them.... and you're getting notifications for ones that you're part of a conversation for... Hmm my explanation is confusing. Anyway! I've logged it and it shall eventually dissapear! Ty for the heads up.


Re: read unread messages

Your explanation is flawed. Smiley Tongue I have the exact same problem every now and then.

My entire life can be described in one sentence: It didn't go as planned and that's okay. ツ

Re: read unread messages

WAT @stonepixie damnit! How weird.

Re: read unread messages

What a kerfuffle @Ben-RO @stonepixie Smiley Tongue

Re: read unread messages

Quite the ballyhoo @N1ghtW1ng. Perhaps even a hoo-hah.