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where do i ask questions?



Where I can ask forum question?

Re: where do i ask questions?

@ jessica what's the question about?

If it's about the forum itself, it goes in this section right here. e.g. "how do I use this part of the forum?" or "the way this topic/forum appears/is formatted/is being discussed doesn't make sense, can it be done differently?"


If it's about something tough that's happened/happening then it goes in Something's Not Right or Getting Help. e.g. "This thing is happening and it's pretty tricky, what do I do? What's going on? Can anyone help?"


If it's about something a bit lighter that a few people could be experiencing then it goes in Everyday Life Stuff. e.g. "How do I get my first job?" or "What do other people do to make sure they have a balanced diet and get enough exercise?"


If it's about something fun or funny that might be cool to chat about, then it goes in Hanging Out. e.g. "Did anyone see that new movie?" or "Has anyone ever ridden a unicycle?" or "What's the best burger you've ever eaten?"