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3 fears

So you know how everybody has fears of some sort, like spiders or thunderstorms? What are your top 3 and why? If you don't know why that's ok too. 


mine are: 

1. Spiders, I hate to judge a book by its cover but they just have this look about them! 

2. My fingers/toes/other body parts!! getting sucked into the plug hole because... eek I need those! 

3. lightening because I've heard too many stories about people being struck 

//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//

Re: 3 fears

@j95 I like this idea for a thread Smiley Happy It's nice to be able to share your fears.

1. Suffocation/drowning. Not being able to breathe, taking breaths but nothing, or in the case of drowning, water, coming in.
2. Falling (sucks because I love heights!) I don't know why. Probably the idea of plummeting to the ground.
3. People-claustrophobia. I don't like people very much and being trapped in a massive throng of people without escape is just too much for me.

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Re: 3 fears

1. Leaches because NOPE. 

2. Sharks, although the only one i've ever seen when I've been out in the ocean is this one- a Port Jackson. 

download (9).jpg

3. Something grabbing my feet in the middle of the night if my feet are uncovered while i sleep (which makes no sense!)

Re: 3 fears

I was also just thinking about how I'm always scared my house will get robbed while I'm in the backyard doing washing or in the shower. Like i'll just open the door and all my furniture will be gone
//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//

Re: 3 fears

Gosh, all the fears!


These are probably my top 3 - but hard to say sometimes, since it changes all the time Smiley Tongue


  1. Never leaving my hometown  - It has always been a fervent fear of mine to stay and live in my hometown forever. It's not all bad, but it's not all good either. If I was to stay here forever, I'd feel that I've failed myself in not making something out of myself. 
  2. Losing a sense of self - It's one of those things where you meet a terrible person and say that you'll never end up like them. But as time goes by, you end up like that one terrible person . ___ . 
  3. Geese - Not that scary but they can be incredibly vicious creatures
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Re: 3 fears

1.Fear of failure: and being verbally abuse for it.

2.Losing a family member late at night, car accident esspecially.

3.Disappointing myself.

Re: 3 fears

I have way too many fear it's too hard to pick my top 3 lol

1 spiders, even daddylonglegs scare me. I used to get paranoid that they would crawl under my skin. (things under my skin is another fear lol)

2. Hights, I get really bad vertigo which makes it even worse.

3. Abandonment, I'm scared to wake up one day and find everyone left me because I'm pathetic and too much for them. I'm scared that everyone I'd just going to leave me because that's what I deserve.
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Re: 3 fears


We won't abandon you! And you 100 percent don't deserve that, nobody does. But particularly not someone who is as supportive and amazing as you are! 

Re: 3 fears

Welcome @DrowningCricket


If you want to talk a bit more about some of these fears, we're here for you. It can take a bit of courage to take the plunge, but if you want, and if you're ready to talk, make a post in our tough times section cause we're 100 percent here for you!


And if you don't want to dwell on things right now, that's okay too!  We have heaaaaaps of other places where you can just chill out and  hang out Smiley Happy Don't forget to introduce yourself too! 


Re: 3 fears


@j95 Definitely a really interesting thread! Kind of reassuring to see some of the things I worry about are things that other people worry about to.



1. Basically some kind of final-destination injury, like driving behind a ute with poles attached to it and then the poles spilling out and going through my wind-shield, aha. If a ute or car has something that looks dodgily attached I'll actually change lanes not to be near them.


2. @DrowningCricket Losing a family member or someone close to me, specifically by car crush is a big one for me too! If my boyfriend is driving somewhere and there's really bad weather or it's late at night I always make him text me when he gets back just so I don't have to worry!


3. My teeth falling out / being broken / basically anything to do with teeth. Totally weird I know, but it's something that has literally given me nightmares. I went to the dentist the other day for a check up and he made me wear the sunglasses and I was literally crying quietly behind them while he did that proffessional cleaning thing. On the plus side, he said my teeth are in amazing condition which I think is a side-effect of my paranoia, haha.