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Re: 5 ways to...

btw awesome advice Sanjay!!


Alrighty. 5 steps of mental wellbeing


1. talk a walk in nature

2. de-stress with your favourite game/book/show without guilt

3. make a healthy and nourishing meal

4. connect with a friend and have a laugh

5. have a nice hot bath or shower


5 ways to have a laugh



Re: 5 ways to...

1. just laugh, you don't need a reason
2. chat to a cool friend
3. watch something funny
4. do something silly
5. have some fun Smiley Happy

Five ways to drink some water

Re: 5 ways to...

5 ways to drink water:

- out of a glass

- out of a drink bottle

- straight from the kitchen tap

- from a water fountain

- letting rain fall into your mouth


5 ways to cook an egg

Re: 5 ways to...

5 ways to cook an egg;

- Scramble 

- Fried

- Hard-boiled

- Raw (if you're game enough Smiley LOL )

- Soft boiled


5 ways to say hello

Re: 5 ways to...

Someone wanted ways to cook an egg? Smiley Tongue


5 Ways to Say Hello:

  1. Smile and wave
  2. Fist bump Foot bump, and then return to standing 1.5 meters apart
  3. Hire a skywriter to spell "HELLO"
  4. With dramatic lighting, spin around in an office chair, a cat on your lap, and say "So, we meet again"
  5. Walk up and say hi


5 Ways to Illuminate Something

Re: 5 ways to...

5 ways to illuminate something:

  1. Torch
  2. Lamp 
  3. Using the light from your phone 
  4. Matches 
  5. Fireworks  

5 ways to draw a circle ~

Re: 5 ways to...

1. Freehand
2. Draw a face and then erase it like spongebob (see gif)











3. Use a compass

4. Trace a circular item (e.g. bottle, glue stick)

5. Use a stencil


5 ways to get rid of hiccups...?

Re: 5 ways to...

1. Hold your breath for at least 15 seconds.
2. Drink water upside down.
3. Get someone to jump scare you (this is super effective Smiley Tongue)
4. Swallow a teaspoon of sugar (haven't tried this one before....)
5. Pull on your tongue (Also haven't tried this one...)

5 ways to make ice-cream~

Re: 5 ways to...

1. Make a smoothie and freeze it
2. Use an ice cream maker machine
3. Freeze melted ice cream
4. Lure an ice cream truck to your street by whistling green sleeves
5. Steal a child's ice cream

Next one: 5 ways to make friends

Re: 5 ways to...

1. Sit next to someone new in class

2. Ask someone to go out for a beverage/food before/after work

3. Pet your neighbourhood cat

4. Share something you've baked with your neighbours

5. Get involved in a local service or activity


5 ways to keep dry when it's raining Heart