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Re: 5 ways to...

1. Headphones
2. Speakers (no, there's no such thing as other people Smiley Tongue)
3. Neither, just blast it from your phone!
4. The car
5. a cappella Smiley Wink

5 ways to play with LEGO

Re: 5 ways to...

1 build something

2 create an obstacle course for cats

3 play dolls in a dolls house made of Lego

4 arrange them in patterns based on size or colour

5 play creationary (like Pictionary but instead of drawing pictures and having people guess you make things with Lego for people to guess)


5 ways to leave a job you don't like


Re: 5 ways to...

5 ways to leave a job you don't like
1. Find another job and leave
2. Ask if there's another job in the company you may like
3. Pretend nothing is wrong and sit through the agonising pain
4. Quit and part amicably
5. Quit with no notice* (*Not recommended)

5 Ways to feel more positive

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart


Re: 5 ways to...

5 Ways to Feel More Positive:

  1. Look for beautiful things around you
  2. Give people compliments - lots of people are inclined to return the favour!
  3. Release some electrons from your body, causing some of the atoms that you're made up of to become positively-charged ions
  4. Listen to a song with a positive message
  5. Exercise!

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