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A little bit of everything

Hey everyone 


This is a post where I created for myself. For my thoughts, poems I wrote that I would like to share. And sometimes pictures, dreams I had etc.


Feel free to express any of your opinions here, be nice or be rude all you like but only towards my post!!!


All my post will come with a hashtag number at the end of the post. So when replying me, please hash tag the specific post number.


For example, this post will end with #1.


When replying this post, please have #1 at the first line.


NOTE: I'm doing this to prevent any miss-communication between different users when it comes to honest opinions.



Re: A little bit of everything

Too Short


Too short, 

It happened too fast, 

I wish I had the chance to know what is it like to be sick of you.


Such a foolish thought,

You are here no more.



I'm too sick of myself, 

Thinking about you.


__________________end of the poem______________________


I wrote this poem earlier this month not long after the end of my 5th relationship. It didn't last long, for about 2 months and a little bit more. 


From the beginning, I thought this relationship would work. She was basically everything I was looking for.


However, she told me she couldn't commit, and broke up with me, two weeks without talking later. She unfriended me in every social media.


I respected her choices from the beginning to the end, we never had one argument from we first met until we become strangers again.


Every now and then she pops up in my head or in my dream. Her hairs still are everywhere in my house I don't even know how.


From time to time I slowly getting sick of myself thinking about her, all my thoughts about her, hope to bump into her in the university we both go to. 


In a weird combination of all sorts of weird things, I wrote down this poem to remind myself that she is no longer here.


To remind myself we are now the most familiar strangers.






Re: A little bit of everything



What does it take to be a great mind?

What does it take to follow the hardest path?

Left with no more bread crumbs.

Now I have to Mark the way I came from with my blood and tears.

The storm shows me no mercy,

Washed away my crumbs, blood, and tears on the road.

Choices are here no more.

Give in ain't a choice no more.

I'm cold, I'm hurt, I'm tired.

But I have to keep going.

Until when I can't blink no more.

My spirit is waning.


_____________________end of the poem_________________


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Re: A little bit of everything

Hey @Jojo_digs_4_u 


What a lovely poem, you definitely have a talent for words Smiley Happy.  I'm sorry to hear about your relationship.  Unfortunately most of us have to experience this pain several times before we find the right partner.  The ruminating, dreaming, and wondering what might have been, is all part of the process. 


Best things is to focus on yourself, give yourself time to recover, and ensure you do things you enjoy, like your poetry Heart  

Re: A little bit of everything

Hello stranger,
As I walked by,
We looked at each other's eyes for one second.
Like we never knew each other before.
Now I have to carry on.
The most familiar stranger.


___________end of poem_________


So we crossed path today, 

I saw her, 

She saw me, 

And we looked at each other. 

We then turned our heads away, 

Like we never knew each other before.