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Alphabetical pictionary

So basically draw anything beginning with the next letter in the alphabet.


E.g. If the letter was 'c'Annotation 2020-06-09 185824.png

I would draw something beginning with 'c'

Here, I drew a computer! (I tried)


So, the next person to post must draw something beginning with A, then B, and so on


And whoever guesses what they've drawn correctly, gets to post next! Smiley Very Happy


Edit: I nominate you to draw something beginning with the letter A @MB95 Smiley Tongue

Re: Alphabetical pictionary

I LOVE that you've turned this into a thread @Lost_Space_Explorer5. It has just made my day!! Like, legit just saw my tag and jumped up to grab paper all excited hahaha We're too cool! 😂 I'm sooo keen for this!! 😍 You will have to excuse my TERRIBLE drawings though.. lol 


Okay here goes.. A! 


From where I'd rather be... 




Re: Alphabetical pictionary

omg your picture made MY day @MB95

Is it it a shark surrounded by 'A'lgae

HAHAH I'm only joking, is it an aeroplane?

Re: Alphabetical pictionary

I drew 'B' while I was waiting Smiley Tongue




Re: Alphabetical pictionary

You guessed correctly!! Like my kangaroo on the tail? 🤣🤣🤣 That was totally my favourite part! Lol 


Hmm.. I'm gonna guess this is a baseball glove and ball? @Lost_Space_Explorer5 You are so much better at drawing then me! Hahaha 

Re: Alphabetical pictionary

AHAHAH YES I do love it! It took me a minute but I realised kangaroo like on qantas planes!

Yes it is! Noo I just spent longer on it! I youtubed a video on sketching in the christmas holidays does it show Smiley Tongue

Your turn @MB95- C [please do not draw coronavirus or I will cry]

Re: Alphabetical pictionary

It does show @Lost_Space_Explorer5 👌


Ahahaha surprisingly that actually did not even cross my mind! 😂


But here ya go.. ahahahahaaha If anything my drawings will give us a real good laugh!!! 


C for...




Re: Alphabetical pictionary

Adorableee little crocodile! @MB95


D is for...





I have an exam tomorrow, does it show?!? 😬


Re: Alphabetical pictionary

DRAGON!! Dude you're sooo good at this!! 😍 


E is for... 




Please don't let me keep you! I think you should try and have an early night! 

Re: Alphabetical pictionary

Exam Smiley Sad When in doubt, choose C

Lol I just copied a cartoon of dragonite the pokemon from google images..

But this is so much fun Smiley Sad I don't wanna studyy

Still drawing F so bear with me Smiley Tongue This one might be a bit tricky to guess because it's so hard to draw!


Edit: F is for...