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Re: Alphabetical pictionary

F is for.. FOUNTAIN!! 😍

Yoi did awesome cause if that's right, I picked it up straight away last night 😊


Now you're lucky. Seems you did well and got some of your exam done I thought I'd draw you 3 pics to guess 😂


G is for...




Re: Alphabetical pictionary

😱 Three drawings!!! @MB95 (Legit got super excited)

Grapes, ghost, giraffe!

My turn! I will draw something beginning with H

Awh I can't believe you didn't reply last night Smiley Sad

You're gonna make an awesome OT if that's what you choose, they are sooo mean with productivity stuff!

Re: Alphabetical pictionary

I thought you might @Lost_Space_Explorer5!! 😂


You guess correctly! And I know.. I so badly wanted to but I was trying so hard not to distract you from studying!! Ahaha 


Ahahahahahaha thanks I guess?! 🤣 Have you worked with an OT before? Or just know what they can be like? Lol


Re: Alphabetical pictionary

I spent so long drawing this haha oopss


Yeah I have!! The ones I've met are soo sassy in a good way but make you get the work done Smiley Very Happy


H is for...I drew this with my computer pen :pI drew this with my computer pen Smiley Tongue


Re: Alphabetical pictionary



OMG YOU HAVE SUCH A TALENT GIRL!!! Seriously, you're an awesome drawer!!! 😍 Even if I took my time with these drawings there's no way mine would be anywhere near as good! 😂


If you don't mind me asking what were you seeing the OT for? Like was it for mental health stuff or something else? Just wondering cause I've been considering going to see one but idk.. 


I is for.. 




 Extra points if you can guess wtf I'm doing 😂

Re: Alphabetical pictionary

I also drew a J in preparation thinking that would be my next letter but turns out I don't know my ABC's 🤣


Here is it anyway cause I wanna see if you can work out what the hell it is cause I can't stop laughing at how TERRIBLE I am 🤣🤣🤣




Re: Alphabetical pictionary

Awh thanks, it's not talent it's just practice! think how much more improved we'll be by Z, @MB95!!

Loving the use of colour!! Are you drawing these from memory? I cheat and look up cartoons on google images I should do my next one from memory eek

Island, loveee lovee lovee the jellyfish and fishies!! I saw one at hospital and she helped me drop a subject without counting as failure 😕

oh my god I was like castle?? Castle?! OHH Jumping Castle!!

Okay... the suspense K is for.....


Edit: Lol I'm already cheating by looking up what these things look like cause I forgot. I won't look anymore, promise!!


Edit x2: Oh I forgot to answer your question, you're reading!! Girl you're reading without me! We agreed to wait to the holidays!! Smiley Tongue

Re: Alphabetical pictionary

oh my


K is for...


🤣I will be freaking amazed if you get this...I will be freaking amazed if you get this...See what happens when I don't use an image to copy Smiley Very Happy


Re: Alphabetical pictionary

Great thread @Lost_Space_Explorer5 Smiley Happy


is it kaleidescope?

Re: Alphabetical pictionary

YES! Amazing that you got that! @Maddy-RO!
You can draw something beginning with L now if you want! Smiley Very Happy