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Re: Alphabetical pictionary

Whooo!! We have a newcomer 😂 You're turn now @Maddy-RO! Just no upstaging my master pieces okay? Ahahaha 


Hmm.. if we get to Z and my skills have not improved then it's pretty obvious I should NOT give up my day job 😂 Also.. when we get to Z I think we should start all over again but make it a theme? @Lost_Space_Explorer5 


I thought it was time I threw in some colour!! Glad you liked it 😍 And yeah, I generally draw from memory.. you can totally tell ahahaha Although it wouldn't turn out too much better looking at an actual pic! 


Hang on wait? What am I reading?! What did I even ask you? 😂

Re: Alphabetical pictionary

I know right, the thread is gaining popularity! Smiley Very Happy You're reading in your drawing, I swear you asked that?

Yeah of course we'll start again from A! What do you mean by a theme? Like alphabetical but with animals as the theme or something? Would you have guessed kaleidoscope?? I have no idea how Maddy-RO got that!

Re: Alphabetical pictionary

Ahahahaaha yes! I did! 😂😂😂😂

I completely forgot!! You guessed correctly, guilty as charged - I was reading ahahaha @Lost_Space_Explorer5 


And yeah.. like animals and then you've gotta pick one that starts with that letter! And wait for it - in the next one we'll keep a tally at the bottom of who is at what score (that's if more people start joining lol) and then when we get to Z the person with the highest score gets to pick the next theme and start it off?! 


I reckon I would have guessed it eventually! I forgot those things even existed!! I was defs thinking it was something to do with eyes.. I thought maybe a contact at first but then realised it had to start with K lol 


While we're waiting for @Maddy-RO to draw here's another K I did last night cause I was confused and wasn't sure if you'd draw J or K ahahaha so I'll just whack it in so you can have a guess (i feel like it's hella obvious though ahaha). Doesn't count though! It's still your turn to draw L @Maddy-RO. And while we wait I'm gonna go learn my ABCs 😂😂😂

Re: Alphabetical pictionary

Did you send the picture through @MB95, I can't see it?

Re: Alphabetical pictionary

@MB95  See if you can guess which one is a lie on this thread: Two truths and a lie Smiley Tongue


I love the games on here!

Re: Alphabetical pictionary

Haha that would be cause I'm an idiot and forgot to attach it! 😂 Idk why but all of a sudden it's uploading my pics on their side?! WTF is going onnnnn?! 😭




Re: Alphabetical pictionary

HAHAHA it's a kite!! Beautiful Smiley Very Happy But it's on it's side cause someone is running with it to get it in the air

Re: Alphabetical pictionary

You two are hilarious Smiley Very Happy @Lost_Space_Explorer5 @MB95 


I'll draw something starting with L soon, but you two feel free to continue with the alphabet, or with something close to the alphabet Smiley Very Happy

Re: Alphabetical pictionary

Mkay so... please don't laugh at me. I drew this on my small phone with my chubby fingers... lol...very hard to draw accurately.





Re: Alphabetical pictionary

Oh my gosh @Maddy-RO amazing!! that is so cute ❤

Is it a lamb? Look at its little eyelashes! Gorgeous 🐑

M is coming.. ooh the suspense what will it be??