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Board games

With the rainy days coming up its time to get out the old board games ,
My favourite game as a kid was trouble,
What us your favourite board games?

Re: Board games


Re: Board games

I love Trouble and Cluedo! Some other of my fave board games include:


- Scrabble: I'm not great at it but it's a good one to play while watching telly or something, it can just be a relaxing way of playing a game without everyone having to be 100% on the ball the whole time.


- Cranium: Includes the best of so many games like charades, pictionary etc and is often a game where each person can find something they excel in. It's a great way of breaking the ice and getting comfortable in a group, you kind of have to give up on looking cool and just be silly.


-The Game of Life: This game lacks tactical complexity but I still like it. Interesting to see what people prioritise and what people see as frivilous.

Re: Board games

When I was younger, the usual board games were Monopoly, Game of Life, Scrabble and so on. Very family-oriented games and ones that, as you got older, you or your friends started to call them boring or dumb.


I was sad when that stage arrived. I loved board games.


More recently, however, I've noticed a strong resurgence in the popularity of board games. Not the old ones like those I mentioned above but new ones, some of them pretty complex. Some of my friends now regularly play games like Settlers of Catan, Carcassone and Ticket to Ride. Card-based games are popular, too, like Munchkin or Dutch Blitz. At least once a month someone buys a *new* game and everyone tries that out. I think the "oldest" game anyone I know still plays with regularity is RISK.


I'm glad that there's a resurgence like this.  I love these games!

Re: Board games

i think games are not just for kids, backgammon and chess, trivia and other games that are not made for kids and are very popular worldwide


Re: Board games

Not a childhood board game, but a very current favourite game is definitely chess!
Also loved Cluedo as a kid though Smiley Very Happy

Re: Board games

Board games kinda contribute to my bane of existence, as a kid and as an allegedly responsible adult Smiley Tongue


I used to play snakes and ladders, chess, Monopoly, the usual roll-the-dice-and-move-around-the-board boardgames and mancala-type games (involves picking up and moving coloured pebbles in small pits). These days, I play Uno (haha, technically not a board game but still fun!) and The Settlers of Catan c:

Stay excellent

Re: Board games

Smiley Very Happy TRIVIAL PURSUIT!!!!

Re: Board games

I absolutely love playing Scrabble with my family!

Re: Board games

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