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Crazy Talents and Stories

Hi everyone, 


Hope you all are having a relaxing weekend. As self care is important for weekends and free-time Smiley Happy, both physically and mentally. I wanted to try out a game where people post up some crazy and awesome talents that they have or have seen before! Because with every talent comes new stories hahaha, which I and I'm sure others would like to hear Smiley Happy . I'll start off with this challenge:


One time I was playing with my friends on a console where they had explained to me that they can play on a controller using their index finger as their primary button masher! Like in crab-claw style. Tried it myself, but failed miserably hehe Smiley Tongue "Everyone brings a uniqueness to the world, thus making it a better one""Everyone brings a uniqueness to the world, thus making it a better one"


Re: Crazy Talents and Stories

That is amazing @Milkninja222


I met someone with a really cool talent: You could give him any maths equation and he could give you the answer faster than pulling out my phone to use the calculator. I tested him with a ton of multiplication questions and every time he was accurate and faster than me pulling out the calculator. Amazing mind! 


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