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Crazy Talents and Stories

Hi everyone, 


Hope you all are having a relaxing weekend. As self care is important for weekends and free-time Smiley Happy, both physically and mentally. I wanted to try out a game where people post up some crazy and awesome talents that they have or have seen before! Because with every talent comes new stories hahaha, which I and I'm sure others would like to hear Smiley Happy . I'll start off with this challenge:


One time I was playing with my friends on a console where they had explained to me that they can play on a controller using their index finger as their primary button masher! Like in crab-claw style. Tried it myself, but failed miserably hehe Smiley Tongue "Everyone brings a uniqueness to the world, thus making it a better one""Everyone brings a uniqueness to the world, thus making it a better one"


Re: Crazy Talents and Stories

That is amazing @Milkninja222


I met someone with a really cool talent: You could give him any maths equation and he could give you the answer faster than pulling out my phone to use the calculator. I tested him with a ton of multiplication questions and every time he was accurate and faster than me pulling out the calculator. Amazing mind! 


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Re: Crazy Talents and Stories

@Milkninja222 Cool thread idea, and that’s an awesome talent! I can’t do it either, so no shame!

@Jess1-RO Wow! I’d love a math brain like that! Do you know if he can do only multiplication, or can he do all types of math?

I have some interesting talents... And some freaky quirks too! Smiley Tongue
Here are some of my quirks and talents:
1. All my joints crack, including my fingers, wrists, elbows, sometimes my neck, tailbone, knees, ankles and toes crack. Sometimes my thighs or calves crack too, which is a bit weird!
2. I have crazy art skills! I can take a picture off the internet, and draw it freehand. It looks exactly the same to the one off the internet! I just put the iPad/device in front of me, and draw on the piece of paper!
3. I can play the violin better than most people older than me, without any good teachers. That is a hard thing to do!
4. I used to dance ballet since I was 3, even before I had lessons. I looked and felt exactly like a ballerina for my age!
I have more, but those are the only ones I can think of right now. Smiley Happy

I also know someone who plays violin, I watch her on YouTube sometimes, and her name is Lindsey Stirling. She’s can dance and play at the same time! You guys should watch her some time, and see what I mean! Smiley Happy

Re: Crazy Talents and Stories

I'd love to be able to be a maths whiz, especially since I have a test coming up. :/
Some of my talents would be...
Well, somehow I'm really good at acting. Of course, I'm not 'Leonardo Di Caprio' good at acting. I wish!
Here's a funny story.
Okay, so I use to do Calisthenics 5 years ago (it's Gymnastics and dance combined, not the gym kind). So, my Calisthenics team were about to go on stage to perform in front of thousands of people. It was nerve-wracking at first, but as I got on stage I MESSED UP COMPLETELY. I dropped my clubs and pole thingy, forgot what it was called. So, because of me, the team was last after performing. Smiley Embarassed *sarcastic Yay!*