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Re: Emotion game



1. Tastes like chocolate melting in your mouth

2. Smells like bubble bath

3. Looks like a smile

4. Feels like said bubble bath!

5. Sounds quiet and still


Next emotion is loneliness


Re: Emotion game

Loneliness Smiley Sad


1. Tastes like bland stale bread left on the kitchen bench for several days

2. Smells like wet socks

3. Looks like a windowless room

4. Feels like being swaddled by layers of cloth

5. Sounds like a strong breeze whistling through your ears


Next emotion is embarassment Smiley Tongue

Stay excellent

Re: Emotion game



1. Tastes dry

2. Smells like tar

3. Looks like a room full of laughing people

4. Feels hot and sweaty

5. Sounds like sniggers


Next emotion is grumpy


Re: Emotion game

Tastes like rancid meat

Smells like dust

Feels hot and dry

Sounds like a car door scraping against the gutter


Next: Aggitated


Re: Emotion game



1. Tastes like burnt coffee beans

2. Smells like smoke

3. Looks fiery

4. Feels grainy and rough

5. Sounds like a siren going off


Next emotion is passion


Re: Emotion game

*sighs* Used to be able to spell... Cat Embarassed


Tastes like melted chocolate

Smells like said chocolate

Looks like tongues of fire

Feels smooth

Sounds like balloons popping


Next: Relief









Re: Emotion game



1. Tastes like a cold drink on a hot day

2. Smells fruity

3. Looks like the ocean

4. Feels like a breeze on hot skin

5. Sounds like waves crashing and the wind blowing


Next emotion isssss.... apprehension


Re: Emotion game



1. Tastes like off milk (gross, I know)

2. Smells metalic

3. Looks like bubbling water

4. Feels like tweezers on your skin

5. Sounds like a high frequency hum

And the next one is... Infatuation Smiley Happy


Re: Emotion game

Infatuation (good choice btw!)


1. Tastes like chocolate covered strawberries

2. Smells like a garden full of roses

3. Looks like a night sky filled with a million sparkling stars

4. Feels like the heat from a wood fire

5. Sounds like a heartbeat


Next emotion is mischievous!


Re: Emotion game

Mischievous Smiley Very Happy


1. Tastes like snack food snuck into the cinemas

2. Smells like wet roads at night

3. Looks like shifty eyes and a half-smile

4. Feels like army crawling in the grass

5. Sounds like muffled laughter


Next word is confusion