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Re: Emotion game



Tastes like something new, something you haven't tasted before.

Smells like fresh, clean air.

Looks like a person wandering the streets, and getting to know whats surrounds them in a new area.

Feels like...developing a sixth sense.  

Sounds like "hmmmm"





Re: Emotion game

I love this game 😊




Tastes like steak

Smells like the ocean

Looks like the sun

Feels like leaping

Sounds like cymbals



Re: Emotion game

Haha it's fun @Anonymous but also hard! Really gets me thinking...




Tastes like red lollies

Smells like fruity perfume

Looks like a cheeky grin

Feels warm and energetic

Sounds like "hehe"



Re: Emotion game



Tastes like something bland - toast with nothing on it

Smells like nothing

Looks like a straight face

Feels slow, could feel frustrating

Sounds like a loud sigh




Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Emotion game



Tastes like a fresh mint leaf

Smells like the pollen-filled air at the start of spring

Looks like rays of sun shining through the clouds

Feels like a short, pleasant tingle

Sounds like flowing water after rain


Now let's do pessimistic!


Re: Emotion game



Tastes like seeds

Smells stuffy

Looks like shoes and socks left out in the rain

Feels queasy

Sounds like creaking



Re: Emotion game


Tastes like that flavour you just weren't expecting
Smells like unusual, delicious spices
Looks like multicoloured, ever-changing floating orbs
Feels like the surface of moving water
Sounds like glass breaking on the surface of water

Re: Emotion game

@Ani_Faeth what is the new word? Smiley Happy

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Emotion game

Oh yea!  Ha I completely forgot!


The new word is Loneliness

Re: Emotion game

1. Taste like a piece of chocolate gives me blindfolded (exercise is very reliable!)

2. Smell like a home-cooked meal

3. Looks like my lovely family

4. Feel like spending the whole day with the people I love

5. Sounds like a room full of laughter


The next emotion: Grief