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Favorite "clone" game.

Whenever there is a popular thing there are copycats. In games they are often called clones and for some reason this is seen as a bad thing? I call bull on that.

So let's show them some love. Bring me your favorite game that is a clone of something much more popular, and what it seems to be ripping off.

For me it's monster rancher. Most wrote it off as a Pok10. emon clone, but it's closer to a Digimon clone. Digimon was made by the t192.168.1.254 omagachi guys to make tomagachi apealing to boys. Monster rancher is much more like that.

If I was to describe gameplay it would be if Pokemon was realistic... Ok maybe it's a Pokemon clone too. Basicly if you want a monster you ed a license, and then can only fight in offically battles with a ref. The thing that makes it great i've always loved character building in RPGs the most. Pokemon has the ability to tweak your Pokemon a bit. You still can't make a Caterpie a tank.

Monster rancher on the other hand, while there are only about 20 monsters (plus crossbreeds) you can basicly make any monster fufil any role you need. I've made a fairy tank, a wolf dps, and even a golem glass cannon. Plus there was that one where you could make them slave labor and make your golem work in the mines.