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Funny Misreadings

I frequently misread things when I'm skimming over text online. My eyes try to catch the first, middle, or last letters of a word and then my brain just makes its own word up, ignorant of all evidence that the word doesn't exist in front of me.


I figured I'd share today's funny misreading with everyone. Does anyone else do this a lot? Feel free to add your own!


What it said: Delux Gormet Gift Box

What I read: Delux Gormet Drill Bit

Mmm, tasty drill bit... said no one, ever. Smiley Indifferent


Re: Funny Misreadings

I do this all the time, I did a small one today. They've changed the name of a train line since I was last in Melbourne so I looked at the sign and my brain went, "South Morag?" vlcsnap-1146709.png


Re: Funny Misreadings

My kind of thread Smiley Tongue


Have any of you heard of Bad Lip Reading? 

They take popular films and songs and intentionally lip-read them...badly.

Here's one of their tamer videos haha - the Hunger Games turned into a weird song. 


Stay excellent

Re: Funny Misreadings

HAHA @Myvo that video was amazing!  Smiley LOL


Lol @ElleBelle good one Smiley Wink


I haven't done any amusing ones yet today, but the night is still young.


Re: Funny Misreadings

"Searching for a new apartment" became "Searching for a new elephant."


Re: Funny Misreadings

Biofeedback is apparently bitchfeedback Smiley Tongue

Re: Funny Misreadings

Oh my gosh! So this is not a misreading, but definitely belongs in this thread!

So, the other day, I was getting a lift home from one of my many meetings, and we were talking about dumplings. Once the convo had sort of died down, the radio was turned on. We thought, oh, what a coincidence that they too are talking about dumplings. Then all of a sudden the people on the radio started talking about how they kept their dumplings in the bathroom. I was like okay, this is strange, but who am I to judge?

Anyway, the radio then went on to say that the dumplings were kept in the bathtub, in which the water became murky rather quickly. At this point, we realised they were talking about DUCKLINGS!

Smiley LOLCat LOLWoman LOLMan LOLRobot LOL

My entire life can be described in one sentence: It didn't go as planned and that's okay. ツ

Re: Funny Misreadings

@stonepixie I always mishear things also, especially with song lyrics. 


For months when that song "It's too late to apologise" came out, i passionately sang "it's too late to call you child"... which makes no sense but I was convinced I had it down pat. No one even corrected me haha

Re: Funny Misreadings

@mimbochi hahaha that is brilliant

Re: Funny Misreadings

@mimbochi oh my! I say the same thing!! 


"It's too late to call a child, It's too laaaaate..."