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Guess the meaning of the foreign-language word!

This is a variation on a word game I played in German class in high school Smiley Happy I thought it would be perfect for this section of the forums, and allows everyone to show off their language skills and maybe pick up some new language skills along the way!


basically you pick a word in whatever foreign language you like (the more weird-sounding and complicated the better!) and make a note of what language the word is in. Then you provide 3 definitions of this word, 1 real and 2 made-up, and the next person has to guess which definition is the true definition of the word - which will be included at the end of the post after a spoiler warning. then the next person picks a word and provides definitions and so on Smiley Happy 


I'll start:


German: Scheinwerfer


A.) Shower

B.) Letterbox

C.) Headlights


Answer: C.) Headlights - Scheinwerfer literally translates to 'shine thrower'!

Re: Guess the meaning of the foreign-language word!

I love this @clarii3105 , what a fun idea for a game!! 


My guess is B... with no real basis except that Schein sounds a bit like shine?? Ahahaha I am a bit stoked that my random guessing was actually close!! 


Here's mine, it's a Dutch word. I have a few friends with Dutch backgrounds and they love teaching me weird and wonderful words..


Dutch: Kangoeroewoning


A) Tricycle 

B) Joey 

C) Bunny hopping in a car

D) Granny Flat




Granny flat! Its literal translation is "kangaroo house" which i kinda love




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Re: Guess the meaning of the foreign-language word!

I love this idea for a game! Smiley Happy

Here is one of my favourite Egyptian Arabic words. Arabic words can have different meanings depending on where the speaker is from, but this is a word we use in our family a lot.

Dowsha/Dawsha (I am unsure about how to write it on here but we pronounce it 'dow-sha')

A) Pants
B) Noise
C) Exercise

Answer: B) Noise. That's the more literal meaning but when we say it, we use it to mean something like 'What a bother!', 'How overwhelming', 'Too much chaos', 'Such a headache!' or 'Don't give me problems', 'Don't make things more complicated'. Kind of like saying, 'I already have too much noise going on in my life, don't make things worse.'

An example of how we might use it:
Person A: I have to sort out all these forms, call my bank, study for an exam, go to an interview... Dowsha.

An example of how it is used to mean noise:
Person A is playing music.
Person B: 'What's this dowsha?'

Re: Guess the meaning of the foreign-language word!

Oooh this is a fun game ok my word is Japanese and it is 


暖かくなかった ( atatakakunakatta


A) too cold 

B) wasn’t hot

C) very heavy 


The answer is B it means “it wasn’t hot” try saying it quickly for extra fun. 

Re: Guess the meaning of the foreign-language word!

V cool word @Eden1717 I definitely guessed wrong! I like that there is a word for that Cat Very Happy


My word/phrase is French it's "Allons-y" 


Does it mean...

A) Right away

B) Come here

C) All along

D) Let's go


The answer is D) Let's Go! 

Re: Guess the meaning of the foreign-language word!

@Hannah-RO I got it right!! complete guess though. Does that word literally translate to 'let's go' or does it mean something slightly different?


My word:


Language: German

Word: der Kuehlschrank




A. Ice cream

B. Fridge

C. Dress shirt

D. Pet crate


Answer - B: fridge. Kuehlschrank literally translates to 'cool cupboard'!




Re: Guess the meaning of the foreign-language word!

Hi @clarii3105 !

Well done getting it right! It sort of translates to "(we) go there." The verb is Aller, meaning to go, conjugated to Allons, meaning "We go" and the Y part means "there." It's a curious one! 


I tried to say your word out loud and that helped me guess it right!! Cat LOL


This is another of my fav French words...



Does it mean....

A) Kisses

B) Bison

C) Napkin

D) Chat


A) Kisses! "Bisous Bisous" is a cute greeting like how we might say "Kiss Kiss" Heart

Re: Guess the meaning of the foreign-language word!

@Hannah-RO  I didnt guess right lol.


My next word is Korean and it is 아름다운 (aleumdaun) 


A) Delighted

B) Painful

C) Beautiful

D) Happiness 

The answer is C - Beautiful! 


Re: Guess the meaning of the foreign-language word!

This is such a great game @clarii3105!! @Lost_Space_Explorer5 you should check this out! 


I guessed wrong though @Eden1717.. I answered a) delighted.. those letters are so cool though! 


I have a question for you all.. it's in Gaelic.. 🍀


Question: Conas ata tu? 

Pronunciation: Kun-ass a-taw too? 


Am I asking:

A) What is your name?

B) How old are you?

C) How are you?

D) What is your favourite colour? 

Re: Guess the meaning of the foreign-language word!

Crap! How do I add the spoiler in guys?! I'm technologically challenged sorry.. don't laugh @Lost_Space_Explorer5, I know you are.. help a mumma sloth out here, she's making a complete fool of herself 😂