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League of Legends anyone???

I've been playing for around 4 years, I think. I still can't master how to tank Smiley Sad I basically just like playing for fun....


My favourite champions are;

















Who here plays and what are your favourite champions??? Cat Happy



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Re: League of Legends anyone???

Hey @Scorpiiious I haven't played for ages but when I did I use to play as Tristana! I had a soft spot for her because she was little, like me! Haha. If you could only pick  one character to play forever, who would it be?


Also I just wanted to let you know that I added a mod-note to your post to remind people not to share their usernames or anything in this thread.  We try and keep everything as anonymous as possible and I just didn't want people to forget. Thanks for the awesome post!



Re: League of Legends anyone???

 Thank you @KitKat for replying to my topic (:

I wanted to post this because I wanted to see how many people on here played the same game - As I have difficulty starting conversations I thought this may be ok to post~


I always get Tristina mixed up, whether she is AP or AD. Lol


Re: League of Legends anyone???

i love league of legends
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