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League of legends players?

Share your level in League of Legends Smiley Happy
How much time did it take to achieve such a level?
How much time do you play League of Legends every day?

Re: League of legends players?

I play League of Legends for 5 years I think, and I am playing every day, more than 3 hours per day, my account level is 1002 and I think I will reach 1010 till the end of the week, more than that I am Platinum 2

Re: League of legends players?

This is always a problem for me since this updates that company gives, brings only a problems with lvl farming! Because of that I decided to make a boost for my character and I started to find some tips about it. UPD. I found a service that do the work quick, not expensive and pretty responsible and that's the the way that I prefer to choose. They work through the whole world. So that's why I am thinking that this is a business that works on the failure of the Lol company (my thoughts)..