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Let’s write a story

Here’s how to play

The person above you will have something written as part of a story and you have to add on to the story related to the sentence above you.


ill start...


one day a schoolteacher went home to find...



Re: Let’s write a story

a tortoise on their front doorstep. the tortoise...

Re: Let’s write a story

(ooh nice! I think our other one of these is hundreds of posts long, I wonder where this story will go! Smiley Very Happy)

wearing a novelty pair of sunnies that read...

Re: Let’s write a story

“Today is the day, grab your ice creams and tortoises before they run out!”

Re: Let’s write a story

The school teacher found this puzzling, but nonetheless, invited the tortoise inside.

Re: Let’s write a story

"What kinds of ice creams are you giving away?" he asked politely.