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Multiplayer PC games?

I've played Overcooked 2 to completion and I spend a lot of my free time helping other people earn their stars. If you're in the discord server then you've probably seen me around, but if not that's a pretty good place to be looking for chefs to team up with.


That said, I kept the title of this post generic because I'm interested in playing other things. The Borderlands series is at the top of my list; I've always wanted to play a new character to max level with the same group, especially in the second game. I don't own Borderlands 3 yet, but acquiring it is not an issue if I am able to join/form a group.


Other memorable multiplayer titles include Minecraft, Path of Exile, Portal 2 and the Saints Row series; I own all of them and I'm keen to party up with anyone who wants to play. I've played Fortnite and Overwatch, but I couldn't really get into either of them.


That covers just about everything I can think of, but feel free to make any other suggestions; feels like I've mostly been playing the same few games for the last few years, might do me some good to play something new.

Re: Multiplayer PC games?

Hi @cole on sea, thank you for sharing. I really love playing Overwatch! It reminds me of Team Fortress 2 which was another game I used to play a few years ago.. I wasn't ever really good at Fortnite but it was still enjoyable. I used to play League of Legends many years ago and I recently started playing again. It is kind of like Overwatch but not a first person shooter type of game. You could always have a look on the Steam store and see what games are trending Smiley Happy

What is Overcooked 2 like? I have never heard of that game.

Re: Multiplayer PC games?

yikes. could've done a lot better at staying on top of this


you've probably never heard of it because it's an indie game. on the surface it's a couch coop oriented cooking simulator. the controls are very basic, but each kitchen includes a wide variety of obstacles to navigate and mechanics to comprehend. the objective is to serve enough orders within the time allocated to accumulate enough points to earn up to 3 stars for the level.


the second game introduced a fourth star that you need to complete the game to be able to attempt to earn, but the score quota is a steep climb from the third star; earning it requires a very thorough understanding of the level and what you need to be doing with every second of your time.


only a small percentage of the player base has earned 3 stars on every level, the number of people capable of earning 4 stars is even smaller still. within that percentage of a percentage is a group of people who study the levels inside-out and optimise every single input they make to score as many points on the level as possible; they use this site to keep track of their accomplishments. this is the current world record for 4 players on my favourite level, i like it because it's one of the most synergy-oriented levels in the game. 


when i was told what it is, i balked at the idea of trying it, never mind completing it, when a former partner brought it up, but that was 2 years ago and i've since clocked well over 300 hours across multiple platforms.


it was designed around the concept of co-op play, but the game adapts the score quotas to the number of players present and it is possible to do everything alone if desired/necessary; there's even a category on the aforementioned leaderboard site dedicated to solo scores.


all in all, i firmly believe that no gamer's library is complete without this game, whether you just cruise through it once with your friends and then forget about it forever or spend years pushing the boundaries of what you can do. it was enough for me to stay up over an hour later than i should have writing about it anyway

Re: Multiplayer PC games?

Hey @cole on sea, thanks for explaining it. My mistake, I actually played this on console with some people in my family. It was lots of fun! I just never took notice of the name. I have actually played many similar games - these style of games were really popular when I was growing up. They were all single player though so maybe this is the point of difference for this game. Thank you for sharing and it is great that you have found something that you really love Smiley Happy It would actually be a really cool game to play right now to stay connected to your friends!

Re: Multiplayer PC games?

Have you heard about wallhax? I play this game and it's worth it. Very exciting game.