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Name A Pokemon :)

Okayyy so Pokemon Go is the latest craze so I thought it would be fun for us all to name pokemon from the first series.


One Pokemon a comment. And no cheating lol


I will go first with my favourite pokemon




Re: Name A Pokemon :)

I've forgotton the name of the pidgeon ones because of Voltron (all I can think is Pidge Smiley Tongue)


Re: Name A Pokemon :)

@N1ghtW1ng I have no idea what Voltron is but you were sooooo close



its PIDGEY.....

Re: Name A Pokemon :)

@Orchid Voltron is basically five giant robot cats that form one megagiant robot. Smiley Very Happy Pidge is one of the characters and PIDGEY was the pokemon! SOOOO close Smiley Tongue

Re: Name A Pokemon :)

Here's my favourite pokemon Smiley Happy



Re: Name A Pokemon :)

Evie lol theres like 20 evosWoman LOLHeart

Re: Name A Pokemon :)

I will now name one of Eevees evolutions


Re: Name A Pokemon :)

Oh it's so tempting to list them all at once! Smiley Tongue


To continue on the current trend, another first generation Eevee evolution is: 


Re: Name A Pokemon :)

I love first generation pokemon and pretty much know them all.
Another Eevee evolution is FLAREON

Re: Name A Pokemon :)

I know nothing about pokemon so...