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Re: Name the first...

Hmm, I remember signing Liability by Lorde on Monday!

Name your favourite smell and soemthing positive that it reminds you of?

Re: Name the first...

@Sophia-RO I'm listening to Liability as I'm typing this because of your comment! The first favourite smell I can think of is chai latte. Reminds me of walks at the beach, I always make sure I have a cup of chai in my hands. 


Name the first thing that made you smile today or this week!

Re: Name the first...

So I looked up Liability because I was sure I hadn't heard it. Oh I forgot how unique Lorde's voice is! But damn that song hit me in the heart ❤😢 @Sophia-RO @November13 

Ooh this week would be too hard to think back to the first thing. But today would have to be when I came home from dropping my brother at work and was continuing to get ready for work myself. My cat was on the outside of the window edge looking at me through my window asking to be let in. She was so gorgeous. Ooh now I thought of more smiles. So going to that thread now


The first thing you ate today (the day you read this post)

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart


Re: Name the first...

An Up n' Go


Name the first fictional character you wished was real

Re: Name the first...

Spencer Reid! 


Name the first colour you think of when you hear spaghetti 

Re: Name the first...


Name the first cute thing you can think of.

Re: Name the first...

Snakes (yes they're cute Smiley Very Happy)

Name the first breed of horse that you know/comes to your head.

Re: Name the first...

Shetland pony.

Name the first type of mushroom that comes into your head.

Re: Name the first...

Shitaki Mushrooms
I don't know if they're a real mushroom, but I was watching spy kids 4 with my siblings, and it was said as an expletive for a swear word lol.

Name the first food that comes to mind.

Re: Name the first...



Scariest thing you can think of?