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Re: The distraction challenge thread!

@lokifish I love the fish image you chose!

@mizzybooklover Create a powerpoint/brochure/book (it can be anything, just make it something that has multiple pages that come together and you can scroll/look through) that is full of inspiration and motivation from/themed by your favourite female character. Alternatively, if you can't pick a favourite, make each page based on a different one.

Re: The distraction challenge thread!

Great idea! I'll get to work on it straight away. I have exams in the next couple of weeks, but I'll try to finish it soon.


Ps; Just wondering, how do you get a gif as a profile pic? I've only seen moderators and managers have the ability to do so... 

Re: The distraction challenge thread!

@mizzybooklover the gif profile pic is a mod thing Smiley Happy

These are some awesome challenge ideas! I haven't done any work on my challenge yet, I'll probably need another reminder in a couple of weeks Smiley Tongue

Re: The distraction challenge thread!

@N1ghtW1ng how's your challenge going? Smiley Tongue
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Re: The distraction challenge thread!

My room is a minefield and my prac/uni is still going so.... (I haven't
started) maybe in another week? Smiley Tongue

Re: The distraction challenge thread!

I did it! I did it! (kinda) I redid my "book"shelf and now it holds all my current Lego all in awesome positions too, like a freeze frame... (now let's see if I can find and get the photos without my phone) 


I should story-time them too, because I could use the distraction. Whether or not anyone reads it Smiley Tongue 


LEGO Dragon Pit.jpg

This one is awesome!!! I got it on special too so it was nearly $30 or so more cheaper. Go me! It came with the green dragon too, which is literally the only reason I bought it Robot LOL They're trying to free their master who is stuck behind bars (oh boy was that HARD to get him in there) It literally JUST fits in my shelf too Smiley Very Happy But I love it. The doors move and everything, it's so cool. There's also a helicopter stashed behind there because I couldn't find a place for it, but no one cares about the helicopter Smiley Tongue


LEGO Dragons.jpg

Woop woop it's the dragons!!!! I freaking love these guys. (although now they need to release an "ice" dragon so poor Zane doesn't have to hang off the red one anymore Smiley Tongue) Also ignore the funko pop box Smiley Tongue I needed something to make the blue one higher so they'd all fit Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy They all have names too, what to hear them? The blue and red names come from the show and sets but the green one I made up Smiley Very Happy (that's why it's so shit Smiley Tongue Smiley Tongue) ANYWAY The red one is called Firstbourne, essentially the queenly queen of all dragons. Then the blue one is Stormbringer (lightning baby!!) and finally the green one is Earthshaker!!! Smiley Tongue Because he's an earth dragon Smiley Tongue Aren't I so creative? 


LEGO The Temple and Bikes.jpg

Awww yeah! So this one is the motorbike races and the Temple of Resurrection. I kind of want to put the Temple back on my desk because I like it so much Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy The roof of it actually collapses!! (it's so cool) They're all having a chill time defending Ninjago Smiley Very Happy 


LEGO Throne Room.jpg

I think I need more sets so this shelf doesn't look so barren Smiley Tongue That one in the corner was awesome though because it was like $20 and had five figures so yayayayayay!!! (excited noises) But yeah, verry happy happy happy. PLUS I love the suit, it has a cannon arm and a frisbee thing and an openable middle. ALl cool cool beans. 


SO there we go! @lokifish @Bee it's not exactly a hide out but I hope it's good enough Smiley Very Happy 

Re: The distraction challenge thread!

@N1ghtW1ngthese images are sooo flipping awesome! Smiley Very Happy

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Re: The distraction challenge thread!

That gif is nuts @Bee!! Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy

Re: The distraction challenge thread!

I need a random distraction tonight so I'm reviving this thread Smiley Happy
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Re: The distraction challenge thread!

Make a collection of alphabetic animal gifs! @redhead and anyone else looking for a distraction Smiley Happy (maybe I should do it too Smiley Tongue)