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Re: This or That?

Socialising (for now, depends on day)

Digital or analogue clock?

(Also, welcome to Reach Out @Amber01!)

Re: This or That?

Digital - just the other day my mum was making fun of me for not being able to read analogue; I can read them fine! But digital keeps things simple, why make it unnecessarily complicated? Smiley Tongue


White text on black, or black text on white?

Re: This or That?

blue/red on white! Smiley Very Happy

blue or red?

Re: This or That?

That question is the dilemma that I have almost every day of my life (for what colour to wear closer to today)

milkshake or smoothie?

Re: This or That?

Milkshake, even though I'm lactose-intolerant. </3


Spoon + Knife = Snife or Knipoon?

Re: This or That?

HAHAH omg I love that @Gumi Gumi, did you make it up? 😂

But I would choose snife! Sounds like a weapon Smiley Tongue



Tea with or without milk? 

Re: This or That?

Probably with... I dunno because I don't really drink milk. I suppose it depends on the type of tea too. (Hahaha T... 2 Smiley Very Happy)

Cheesy puns or dad jokes?

Re: This or That?

@RevzZ Eyyy sure did! Smiley Very Happy Though it probably actually exists? Or maybe it would be too dangerous to put a knife in your mouth haha


@N1ghtW1ng... Why would you... I thought I knew you. orz Cheesy puns, arguably the lesser of two evils.


Magical vending machine or sentient coffee maker?

Re: This or That?

Dad jokes

Beard or goatee
Trying to make my misery
just a piece of my history
A little less victim a little more victory
-Icon for Hire

Re: This or That?



Thor or Loki?