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This or That?

The game works by choosing between two options given by the previous poster and then posting a question yourself, giving two options for the next person to choose from.


I'll start with:


Gmail or Hotmail?

Re: This or That?



Facebook or Twitter?

Re: This or That?



Dogs or cats?

Re: This or That?



Book or film?

Re: This or That?

Book for sure!

iPhone or HTC?

Re: This or That?



summer or winter?

Re: This or That?



ABC or Channel 10?

Re: This or That?



Reality TV or soapies? 

Re: This or That?

Hmm, depends what kind. I'll say soapies...

Vacuum or sweep the floor?

Re: This or That?

Sweep. I've never gotten on well with vaccuums...


Lounge or couch?

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