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Re: This or That?



malteasters or mnms

Re: This or That?

Both. I like indoors, but playing outdoors is amazing! Tho... I do like my bed. That's a reason for indoors...

Laptop or Ipad/Tablet?

Re: This or That?



Bagels or Raisin toast?

Re: This or That?

Raisin toast! Yummmm.

Big Mac or Whopper?

Re: This or That?

Ewww... Raisin Toast is disgusting!
Whopper, without the pickle...

Thickshake or Milkshake?
Yes, there is a difference...

Re: This or That?

Thickshake all the way! Smiley Very Happy

Transformers or Go-Bots?

Re: This or That?

I'm with you on that thickshake @N1ghtW1ng!

No clue what either of those are. I have been living under a rock.

Music, or Sport? (school subject)

Re: This or That?

*gasps* Go-Bots I understand but Transformers???? They are the greatest giant metal transforming aliens you'll ever watch Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy

Probably music Smiley Happy

Unicorns or pegasi?

Re: This or That?

Also known as Alicorns...

My little pony, or Yu-Gi-Oh? kids cartoons...


JK. I've heard of transformers. I don't like them. They bore me. No offense! Smiley Happy

Re: This or That?

No offends..? Wait is there a phrase for not offended? Smiley Tongue

My little pony!!! Never got into yu gi oh Smiley Tongue

Mythical creatures or extinct creatures?