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Let's play trivia. 


Here are the rules: 

The person before you asks a question about something super random and you try and answer WITHOUT GOOGLING. Then you ask the next person a question. 

I'll start. 


How tall is the world's tallest waterfall (Angel Falls)? 

a) 4028 feet

b) 3020 feet 

c)1539 feet 


Have fun!

Re: Trivia

Hey @BlueEleven 


Welcome to ReachOut Smiley Happy and thanks for creating a new game thread Smiley Happy


I'm going to take a complete guess and say C - 1539 feet?


Which band released an song called "Doom Days" last year


A) Bastille

B) Two Door Cinema Club

C) The Wombats



Re: Trivia

Hi @Maddy-RO

Thanks for the welcome and you’re welcome 😂!

Sorry but the answer is actually c) 3020 feet.

I’m going to guess... b) two door cinema club, because I have no idea!

Re: Trivia

I love the idea of this thread so I'm going to revive it Smiley Tongue


I'll ask a question:


How tall was the tallest person ever to have lived?


a.) 2.54m

b.) 2.72m

c.) 3.01m



Re: Trivia

I'm gonna guess b @clarii3105?

How many moons are there in our solar system?
a. 77
b. 134
c. 181
d. 203


2. Without copying and pasting to see how many characters there are here, how many 'jellybeans' are there here:



Answers: 1. C 2. 688

Were you correct?! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Trivia

Hard questions @Lost_Space_Explorer5 haha


I'm going go say C - 181 moons...and I counted 688 ...erghmagawsh got both right! I totally guessed C though....


I'll write some trivia questions now...


1. How many cat breeds are there?

a) between 0 and 14

b) between 15 and 71

c) between 72 and 120

d) between 121 - 300


2. What taste are cats generally least responsive to?

a) sour

b) bitter

c) salt

d) sweet


1b and 2d Smiley Happy


Re: Trivia

I got 1 wrong but 2 right! @Maddy-RO


Here's another one for y'all in the cats theme

Lord knows if this is a reputable website to draw 'facts' but here we go


If your household cat died in ancient egypt, how would you display your grief?

a. Meow loudly for a day

b. Wear all black

c. Shave your eyebrows

d. Paint on winged eyeliner for cat eyes


answer: C


Re: Trivia

I would do all of these things.

Re: Trivia

Re: Trivia

Bahahah both @Hannah-RO  and I love cats @Lost_Space_Explorer5. Geez, I was shocked by that answer though.