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What's your favourite...? (morse code)

Morse code conversion chart:


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I'm running out of ideas for games, can you tell Smiley LOL? For this one, you must convert the previous person's answer from morse code to english, then answer their question in morse code, then ask another question in english.


For example:

Person 1

What's your favourite type of ice cream?


Person 2

My favourite type of ice cream is: ... - .-. .- .-- -... . .-. .-. -.--

Next Q: Favourite animal?


Person 3

@Person2 said STRAWBERRY!

My favourite animal is a -.-. .- -

Next Q: Favourite colour?


I'll start for real now!

@Person3 said CAT

My favourite colour is .--. ..- .-. .--. .-.. .

Next Q: What's your favourite season?


Re: What's your favourite...? (morse code)

@Lost_Space_Explorer5 said PURPLE 

My favourite season is ... .--. .-. .. -. --.

Next Q: What is your favourite food?


Re: What's your favourite...? (morse code)

@WinterCalvino said SPRING!
My favourite food is .--. .- ... - .- Smiley Happy
Next Q: What's your favourite song?