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Re: Would You Rather

Hmm.. the past, but only certain times of the past.. 


Would you rather watch the sun rise or set? 

Re: Would You Rather

oh my goshhhh @Lost_Space_Explorer5 you're right my cat would one hundred percent eat me ahahhahaha 


This one made me think about which has the best colours @MB95 hmm I reckon sunset Heart


Would you rather have your own personal masseuse or hair stylist?

Re: Would You Rather

Cat LOL @Hannah-RO

Personal hair stylist I think!

Next Q: Would you rather never be able to take your shoes off or always be barefoot?

Re: Would You Rather

Always be barefoot! I can't stand walking in public places like shops with no shoes, but I could never give up walking along the beach barefoot! 


Would you rather a nice long email or a letter in the post? 

Re: Would You Rather

Definetly a hard cover book.

would you rather cook your own meal or have a meal already cooked for you?

Re: Would You Rather

I love the sunset 🌅 but the sunrise is also just as good so I’m  not sure.

would you rather swim at the beach or in a pool?

Re: Would You Rather

I think I'd rather swim at the beach Smiley Happy

Would you rather explore space or the ocean?

Re: Would You Rather

Explore the ocean 🌊


Would you rather feel alone or be alone?