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A poem to help myself

I wrote a poem I performed at my school production. It's long but what do you think?


I stand here to tell you that you should just be you,

Now, this may sound clique but I hope my words don't ricochet.

You should take this into account and be who you want to be.

Don't worry about opinions, don't worry about hate, just account for your dominions.

I think it's time to stop pretending, wouldn't you agree?

Now you may ask, how can I be anything other than me?

Well, some people have built walls to keep people out, built to hide the truth.

They keep putting it off, hiding all proof that they are anything other than what they want you to see.

When should this wall come down, well they say there is no time like the present,

And frankly, this quote is relevant to everyone in this room.

There is something you're putting off, don't just sit there and scoff because no one is perfect,

If everyone was perfect, people wouldn't have built walls to pretend that they were.

I am here to tell you to be who you prefer, be the person that you are scared to be,

Because between you and me.

Perfection is in the eyes of the beholder, there is no such thing as perfect because our opinions on perfection vary.

I know for some people this is scary to know that they aren't always right.

Hiding the truth hurts so save yourself some exerts,

And understand it is easier to be open than to be frozen in your distorted thoughts.

Come up with your breakthrough, and break the wall and just be you.


Re: A poem to help myself

@Gray I think this poem is wonderfully expressed Smiley Happy 

I love its message, and it's so relevant today because we are all trying to be someone that everybody else deems as 'perfect' when that isn't even possible. Be yourself and start right now, I really like it! 


If you don't mind me asking, what inspired you to write this poem? Did you feel it ended up helping you?


Re: A poem to help myself

I was having a conversation with a friend and she was talking about hiding her sexuality and never come out. I remembered being in her situation before and wrote down what I would've wanted to hear from a friend at the time.

Re: A poem to help myself

It is a beautiful poem @Gray Smiley Happy Do you like poetry?

Re: A poem to help myself

yeah, it helps me express my feelings.

Re: A poem to help myself

That's great that you use poetry to express your feelings @Gray!

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