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A quick question late at night.

Evening all, 

I don’t know what has got in to my head lately ( i guess its good ) well i mean i think.. i want off my anti anxiety medication and anti depression medication.... i know what your all going to say go speak to your dr and go from there...... like he knows this. And I understand that coming of medication has to be done slowly and monitored. I just feel that i guess I’m not moving in the right direction. 

but i guess it becouse of the adverse effects that those tablets have given me is why i want off. I now suffer from ICP or  inter-cranial pressure ( were i have too much brain fluid ) so in turn pushed on my eyes and ears. I get really bad head aches because of this. And have a blind spot in my left eye.....And the neo dr just gave me more medication to fix the fluid problem.. its like will this ever stop i will soon start to rattle with all this medication in me... 

i guess that is my venting completed... 




Re: A quick question late at night.

Hey @Eagle!

How are you feeling today?

Sounds like a rough time you're going through. Is the ICP only since you started the medication? I suppose the tricky thing with medications is deciding if the costs outweigh the benefits. If the drug is not helping you and also causing problems, sounds like it may be better to get off this one (with the help of a medical professional).


Whether you want to try another, that is up to you. I have tried maybe 8-10 antidepressants alone in my life and it took me close to five years to find one that worked for me. Keep in mind, each can take a long time to actually show an effect with some taking months at a minimum. How long have you been on this one?


If your doctor is not listening to your concerns, it may also be a good idea to see a new doctor. Just like medication, finding the right doctor is super critical. I finally settled on my third doctor recently.  Smiley Happy