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Abuse recovery questions (Trigger Warning)

Hello it’s hard for me to say this so I understand if it would be hard for someone else to help as well and it’s okay if no one knows what to say but I just thought I would try anyways.

I have been sexually abused and I hate having his name effect me so much and bring on ptsd feelings so I just wanted to see if anyone understands what I’m going through and has any advice on how to not let the purpetrators name ect have such an impact 


Thankyou Smiley Happy 

Re: Abuse recovery questions

Hello @Willow-Fields, thank you so much for your post. What you have posted takes a great deal of courage to share, so I want to acknowledge your strength in posting.


I would like to start by encouraging you to give 1800RESPECT a call, or you can access web chat here. They have qualified counsellors who are able to talk with these sorts of issues. I also wanted to ask if you are receiving any professional support regarding this? They would really be able to provide you with individual strategies tailored to your situation in a way that RO cannot provide. Of course, you can always keep posting here and get support.


I haven't been in your situation, so I can't really comment from that point of view, but I will say that these kind of situations take time to heal. You have experienced a great deal of trauma, and the journey towards recovery is not a sprint, rather a marathon. I can see from your posts that you are well on your way in this journey, and you are a strong and beautiful person. Please remember that your past does not define who you are. We're thinking of you. Heart


Re: Abuse recovery questions

I also just wanted to acknowledge the courage you've shown in posting your story @Willow-Fields. I'm sure it must have been difficult. I think @mrmusic really has given you some fantastic advice and resources below Heart

Re: Abuse recovery questions (Trigger Warning)

hi @Willow-Fields im sorry this has happened to you. i can relate to this on a more personal level as ive had this happen to me too. their name still affects me a lot, i dont think itll ever stop affecting us because it is a traumatic event. have you got some supports for yourself? 

atm in im trauma therapy not for this incident but maybe it could be applyed to this too. 

keep thinking about the name- visualise the hame as if its on a piece of paper but breathe through it, youll be anxious and thats the point but  over time its suppose to de senstise us to certain things and eventually not affect us so much. 

**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because your WORTH it!**
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