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Abusive Realtionship :(

So I'm only 23 and after 10 years I'm leaving my abusive partner. I have tried to leave many times and just kept going back. This is it. A few weeks ago he woke me in the middle of the night while our 2 year old slept, [description of violence edited by staff]. I am also 24 weeks pregnant. I don't want my son's to think this is okay. I finally worked up the courage to go to the police and he is now in jail awaiting sentencing. I have a restraining order and will be moving house and selling my car. . I'm going through so many emotions. How could he tell me he loved me then do all these things to me. My heart is broken but I need to stay strong for my boys ♡♡ 


Re: Abusive Realtionship :(

Hi @FinallyLeavinh,

I just sent you an email about this so I was hoping you could check your inbox.


As I said there - thank you so much for sharing your story.  What you have been going through is horrible and not right and I am in awe of the courage you have shown dealing with every step of this – including joining us here.


Do you have access to some practical support?  Did the police refer you to any social supports like 1800respect?


They have a 24 hour helpline as well as online chat services and they deal specifically with domestic and family violence.   I really think that they could have some really good advice and support for you and your children right now.


We are so glad you found us here and I know that our amazing community will offer support.  There is more info in your email.


Re: Abusive Realtionship :(

Welcome to RO @FinallyLeavinh, I just wanted to acknowledge how much courage and strength you have shown in leaving an awful situation and in sharing your journey with others. We are here to support you and as @Nick-RO mentioned I hope you're getting some practical support and making self-care a real priority (here's a link to some self-care tipsHeart