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Advice on getting help

Hi there,


I am a New Zealander who has recently moved to Australia.  I am classified as an Australian Resident.  I have been suffering from extreme 'highs' lately and have been acting completely out of character.  I get massive rages of anger and I completely feel like I have left my body and do not have control over what I do or say.  It has been bought on from stress I feel. I don't have the support of my family here and since moving to VIC last September with my partner I have been the only one to secure work.  I am supporting both of us on 1 income.  


I get depression and feelings of helplessness too - this has not happened for a while though.  The last two months I have just been so irritable and angry.  My poor partner has taken the brunt of most of it.  I have been a complete and utter psycho to say the least. My relationship is suffering and I am scared I am going to do something that will emotionally or physically harm my partner.  I just cant control myself in these states.  It's so hard to explain what I'm like during them!


I guess I dont know what to do or where to go.  I have a feeling I may have bipolar but I am very scared to talk to a doctor I dont know.  I do not have a GP in Australia yet.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 


Re: Advice on getting help

Hi katgirl and welcome to ReachOut Smiley Happy


It's very great of you to seek help here, there are a lot of factsheets on anger, helplessness and depression that might help with your situation. Here is a link to some helpline services that can help you with how your feeling. The link is also in yellow at the top of the page. As to finding a new GP, I'm not sure but if you look up GP's in your area on the internet. 

It must be very hard having to support yourself and your partner alone, alone with anger but you are being very strong and seeking help is always the first place to start. Another way is to talk to a doctor and just chat with them, if you feel uncomfortable talking about your issues, then don't. Try to get to know the doctor better, if that helps. 

Do you speak to your partner about how you feel and what's going on for you? Is he supportive? If you feel one of those states where you have no control over yourself, perhaps you could tell your partner, or just get out of the house if you are there? Some ways to calm yourself down are listening to music, exercise, reading a book or an activity you enjoy. 


I hope this helps and check back with us soon Smiley Happy



Re: Advice on getting help

Moving away from your friends and family is soooo hard. It's important that you try and seek a little extra help and support yourself.

In terms of trying to find a GP, perhaps try a headspace they deal with mental health you may be more comfortable talking to them about it.

Or maybe you could ask for a good GP at work?

Re: Advice on getting help

Hi katgirl


Thanks for sharing with us on ReachOut. I want to completely back up what the others said. I know it can be scary to get a new GP but it's an essential step towards recovering.


I'm guessing that you could probably use some ways of managing your stressDo you have any outlets for your stress? Allocating time away from the things that cause you stress are really important. Sometimes it's just about letting yourself "escape" into a good book or movie. Some people like taking up a hobby like gardening or playing a sport or jogging. Sometimes just taking the dog to the park can be enough. I know some people who find 15 minutes with a punching bag can help too. Smiley Wink

Spending that time away from the stressful stuff is equally important as the time you spend on it. Just like sleeping is really important for staying awake, balancing the time you spend on stressful things (work problems, home problems, life problems) is really important for staying healthy, calm and aware.


Hope that helps. Let us know how you go.