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After effects of depression/anxiety


I had depression and anxiety last year after I moved schools. And I know I've overcome the worst of it but I've come out quite sensitive and I have so many times when I can't pick myself up or I'm extremely stressed. I also cry really easily under pressure and I'm not sure if this is normal after having been through such a rough phase.

Re: After effects of depression/anxiety

Hi @StereotypeWreck, welcome to ReachOut! That took a lot of strength to share with us how you are feeling. Go you!

While I don't exactly have the firsthand experience to share (I'm sure somebody else will be along soon), I can assure you that you are not alone. Depression, for many, doesn't necessarily go away and rather it can be a case of ongoing management. Please keep talking about how you are feeling with others, and remember to be kind to yourself.

Re: After effects of depression/anxiety

Hey @StereotypeWreck,

It's great that you were able to get through the worst of your depression and anxiety and come through the other side. Well done!

I don't think anything you've said sounds unusual or weird after you've been through a rough patch. (I've had my fair share of depression and anxiety stuff, so yeah... I get what you mean about sometimes getting super emotional or having trouble under pressure. I definitely notice it when I'm having a tough time emotionally. I'll notice that things that are normally fine (like driving on the freeway) can really stress me out . I honestly don't know if I'm just a sensitive person or if it's because I am prone to depression / anxiety. But I decided, either way, that's just me.

How did you get through the worst of your depression? Did you have a counsellor who helped, or were there things you learned to do to help you get your moods more under control? Thinking about what worked then might be able to help you know what to do if you notice you're having a tougher than usual time emotionally.

Good luck!


Re: After effects of depression/anxiety

Hey @StereotypeWreck


I've had the same sort of issue since going through a rough times with depression! You know what i've learnt though?


1) Being sensitive is not a bad thing. Being sensitive makes you a more caring person towards others, and can help you be more aware of yourself.

2) Crying is also not a bad thing! Sometimes when I was depressed, I felt too bad to even cry. Now, I sort of think about crying as a way too let it out.


I mean, I know being sensitive and crying can feel really shitty at times and you can felt sort of lost and alone. But I think it's important to remember that there are good sides too.


What I do is now is have a plan on how to look after myself when I feel sensitive or am crying. If i'm really upset, I jump into bed with my dogs and msg my family... Or if I feel sensitive, I let people around me know by saying something like "hey, i'm having a rough day and feel a little bit sensitive. i'm ok but i just need to take it easy this afternoon" and people are heaps more understanding when they know what's going on!


Reckon doing either of those could help you?


Re: After effects of depression/anxiety

Hi @Kit


Thank you for the reply! It really makes me feel much better knowing that there is someone out there that can answer my questions.



Re: After effects of depression/anxiety

Hi @blithe,


Thank you so much for your reply, it really helps to know that I'm not alone.


Getting through the worst of my depression was made much easier by my parents and mostly them taking the time to understand what I was going through and even if they could not fix a certain situation they were always ready with a pep talk about how I'll come through the year and start liking where I am. They also told me that if I don't like where I am, then I had all the time in the world to independently make myself a better person and work hard in a place where people weren't so welcoming. And so I started distracting myself with studies and sewing and working on my makeup skills etc.


I'll take your advice and maybe find more activities to keep me positively distracted next time I feel low.


Hope this little story can help someone else though!

Re: After effects of depression/anxiety

Thank you so much! It's really motivating to know that you aren't alone and especially you saying that it's not a bad thing. I know sometimes i get even more sensitive about the fact that I'm not so strong anymore so it really helps to know that I'm not alone.

Re: After effects of depression/anxiety

Hey @StereotypeWreck - you are definitely not alone (in fact a quarter of all 14-25 year olds experience a mental health issue - I know stats sometimes don't mean much but it's really common!)

By talking here you are definitely helping someone else who is reading - many people don't know what to say or the questions to ask yet so it's powerful to read someone else have the conversations that you might not be ready for yet.

You sound really strong and hope you stick around the forums - you sound like you have a lot to give...

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Re: After effects of depression/anxiety

Hi @StereotypeWreck, just wanted to say thanks for being so brave by coming onto RO and talking about your depression and anxiety. Like @Sophie-RO said, your words could really help others going through something similar.


It made me really happy to read that your parents were so awesome and took the time to understand what you were going through and showed so much support. Receiving that kind of help from people close to you can make such a huge difference!


Thanks again for sharing your story with us! Smiley Happy