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Hi, my mum is a terrible alcoholic and has been for as long as I can remember but she won’t admit she needs help. I am coming to the point where I can’t do this alone and handle her behaviour anymore and I really think she need to go to rehab , anyone have any thoughts on how to approach the rehab topic with her ?

Re: Alcoholism

Hi @SA123, first of all welcome to ReachOut, we are really glad you found us! 
It's always a really difficult task to talk to someone you love about an addiction they have, and doubly so when that person is a parent. I am sure that while it might be hard for your mum to process what you are saying at first, if you show her that it's coming from a place of love and concern, she will know that you are saying it because you care about her. It might also help to contact your state Alcohol and Drug Information Service, as they might have some more expert advice on how to bring this up with your mum, and what other support services might be available to you. 

I also just wanted to double check if you're safe at the moment? Taking care of someone who is struggling can be really draining on your self, and it's important to have your own supports and self-care plans in place as well Heart

Re: Alcoholism

Hey @SA123, just wanted to check in and see how everything is going for you? I can't imagine how frustrating and scary this must be for you. 
I was just wondering what you thought about @TOM-RO's suggestions?
If you were looking for advice for approaching a conversation about getting help with your mum, do you think it would be worth contacting Family Drug Support Australia? They have a support line for family members of those struggling with alcohol and other drugs. I'm pretty sure though that it's not a free phone line unfortunately Smiley Sad I hope you're doing okay xx Heart 

We had a Slow-Mo Getting Real chat on Family Changes during the week running from the 7-11th of October! Smiley Very Happy Check it out here! Heart