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Am I crazy?

 Hi, this is my first time asking a question so you may have to bear with me.

About 9 months ago, my house caught fire and I had to get myself and my younger brother out of our burning house. The whole time, the only thing that I could hear was the fire alarm, beebing like crazy, even when we were outside waiting for the fire brigade. This was the most scary, traumatic night of my life.

Everything is fine now; our things have been replaced and we are living in a different house. Although, whenever I hear the sound of a fire alarm (due to cooking on too high heat, etc) I break down and I freak out. The sound of the alarm brings back that horrific nights and I'm reliving my worst nightmare. Is this normal? Is there anything I can do?


Re: Am I crazy?

Honestly, i wouldnt say you are crazy. its just you have linked that traumatic experience with that sound. There is probably some sort of counselling for this, it would probably come under post traumatic stress disorder. Check out stuff like this to see if it seems right too you


Re: Am I crazy?

Hey  All Audrey,


You are absolutely not crazy. It's super normal to relive a traumatic event when you're triggered by a sound that your brain connects with that night.

If you call any of the support services, like KHL or LifeLine and chat to their counsellors, they'll be able to offer you some tips on how to start to move through this so you don't have to relive it every time you hear an alarm. If you'd rather speak to someone face to face, you can call Headspace to make an appointment or talk to your GP. Tell them you'd like  mental health car plan done so you can access a psychologist for a reduced cost.


How would you feel about talking to someone about it?


Re: Am I crazy?

Hi @Ally Audrey 


Just wanted to let you know that you are not crazy at all. As @NigioC mentioned, what you're going through is a very normal reaction after a traumatic event, and what you went through must have been a huge shock. 


The good news is that there are ways to cope and work through trauma so that you don't keep feeling everything you felt back on that night 9 months ago each time you hear an alarm.


If you're comfortable doing so, I think it would be really helpful to see a GP and tell them what you've been experiencing. They'll be able to refer you to a psychologist who can help you work through what you're going through.


Stay strong and feel free to keep us updated on how you're going.