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Anxiety Relapse

Hi all, I am 22 years old and about a month ago had a suicide attempt as a result of a generalized anxiety disorder and clinical depression. Things have been going well since then, my anti depressants have been working just fine and I have been moving on with my life. For the past week I have had the flu, and as a result my anxiety has sky rocketed again. My doctor has advised that this may be because of a combination of factors, including the flu medication I was taking (pseudoephedrine), generally being run down and not dealing with  few of the latest triggers/stressors/. I am so terrified of relapsing, my anxiety was so bad this morning I was given valium. Has anyone experienced this before, and how did you get over the fear of relapsing? Thankyou.


Re: Anxiety Relapse

Hi @bbeach1 Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing your story with us. I feel like you've come to the right place to get feedback, advice and support. Fear of relapsing is very real.  I think sometimes being anxious about being anxious is our own worst enemy (if that makes any sense). So it's ok to feel what you're feeling. If you can make an agreement that you'll look after yourself while feeling off, then it helps. So in other words, don't fight back from feeling what you're feeling. Sounds like really you need to allow your body to recover for now as well. 


While you're here, if you have a chance check out some of our resources. there's plenty to read about depression here. and anxiety here. Also, try some apps on mindfulness/relaxation if you have the motivation, here.


If you feel unsafe again with suicidal thoughts, don't stay silent about it. You can always make contact anytime with counsellors like Kids Helpline 1800 55 1800 as well as Suicide Call Back Service 1300 659 467. 


Anyway I don't wanna overload you - just wanted to first say Hi really! And again, welcome Smiley Happy


Re: Anxiety Relapse

Hi @TOM-RO, thanks for the reply! Im feeling a lot better now, and anxiety about anxiety definitely makes sense. I guess what I'd like to know from others experiences is how you get over that fear to keep going and tackling the issue head on.


Re: Anxiety Relapse

Glad you're feeling better now! There's a few lovely regulars and mods who I'm sure can share some wisdom/experience.


@scared01 @N1ghtW1ng @DruidChild @lokifish @mspaceK @j95 Aaaand probably heaps of others too who can chime in! 


Re: Anxiety Relapse

Hi @bbeach1. Welcome to ReachOut. 


I'm 22 years old too also with generalised anxiety disorder. I'm also struggling with the fear of relapse and in and out of depression. I'm sorry to hear that it has been tough for you but I am also glad that you are feeling better now. I think anxiety about anxiety is so true, especially when it involves panic attacks. Smiley Sad 


It is really hard but I think the first step involves really admiting to yourself and acknowledging when things are tough and when you're not okay and realising that the feelings you are feeling are normal and understandable. I think once you do that then it is important to remind yourself to not be too hard on yourself, be okay with taking a break and recover. In my personal experience I think knowing that there will be times where I can't be strong is just realising that I am human and things can get too much. I think that's the time to take a step back and take a look at the whole picture. Look at things from a different perspective and remind yourself of the times where you have been strong and look at past achievements. 


I hope this helps. Well done again for reaching out. Smiley Happy 


Ps - thanks for the tag @TOM-RO


Re: Anxiety Relapse

hi @bbeach1

welcome to the forums


one thing ive picked up here is saying your feeling run down becasue of the flu and thats to be expected. i would suggest that one of the first things you pick back up is to exercise jsut gently even a walk, and eat healthily, make sure your hydrated and also sleeping well.  being  run down is a way for anxiety to creep back in becasue you dont feel like dealing with your triggers etc.

so nows the best time for you to be physically healthy to give your body a good chance at recovery.


another thing is to make sure you continue to self care and use your coping strategies.

make sure your doing the things that make you happy. what sort of things do you enjoy?

when you start to notice your feeling abit edgy use your coping strategies then dont wait until you hit a higher level and it becomes more out of control

are you able to identify your triggers? and maybe even where you encounter some of them?

that way you can plan ahead. youll be able to take some of the things like stress balls, playdough etc with you.



a good thing may also be to carry around a notebook with you with the coping strategies and how to use them. have meditation and mindfullness apps already on your phone.


also use your meditation and deep breathing dailiy to maintain that control too


hope everythings going well for you, keep up the good work

**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**