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Anxiety, Tics, and getting help.

Hi. I've recently been getting frequent tics that I think may be from anxiety, however, these have only become more obvious when I was put on some medication for my anxiety. I'm pretty sure that it's related to my anxiety as whenever I get anxious I start to tic and it gets in the way of most things including school. They were extremely bad 2 days ago at school and I wasn't sure how to cope/ calm myself when these were happening. I can't do people already but now I'm starting to get unwanted attention by being stared at at looked at funny every time it happens and its just making me more anxious and I'm not sure what to do next.

Re: Anxiety, Tics, and getting help.

Hey @Bookworm2004 


That sounds really tough - I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing that. It's interesting how you've said the tics became worse with medication. This might be worth bringing up with your GP/psychiatrist as they may have a solution for you. In my very limited knowledge about tics, I know that they can be treated with psychotherapy. Two therapies that I know of are habit reversal (competing response training) and exposure and response prevention. It might be worth seeing a psychologist in your area who can treat both the anxiety/tics. What do you think?


Re: Anxiety, Tics, and getting help.

Hi @Bookworm2004, I'm sorry to hear that this is happening Smiley Sad How are you going?


I agree with @Maddy-RO that having more symptoms from your medication, especially if it's supposed to be helping with your anxiety, isn't the best thing to have to deal with. I found that my medication did help in some ways but it ended up giving me a lot of bad side effects which made it not worth it and I ended up swapping medications. Thankfully, there are plenty of different medications that you can try for anxiety which may have different active ingredients or ways of working, such as the difference between SSRIs and SNRIs if you're keen to do some research. Have you had a look to see if tics or other physical symptoms are common with this medication?


It's really hard when these things are happening at school especially when you haven't had a chance to figure out how to calm yourself down. Do you usually have ways of calming your anxiety which you could transfer over to these tics? Another thing you might want to do is talk to your teachers or school counsellors about what's happening and maybe ask if you can leave the room if it happens without having to ask for permission, so you don't have to feel the pressure of people looking at you. If they understand the situation in advance hopefully they'll be happy to help out. If you're not happy talking to them yourself maybe you could ask your parents or doctor to write a note for you about your anxiety. I hope this helps!

Re: Anxiety, Tics, and getting help.

Hi @Bookworm2004!

I'm really sorry that you're getting tics. Smiley Sad It sounds so frustrating and scary!
I had a friend in high school who would experience something similar. I'm not sure whether things improved for her, but she was under the care of a psychiatrist. Have you spoken to any medical professionals about this?

Re: Anxiety, Tics, and getting help.

Hey @Bookworm2004, I just wanted to check in to see how you've been going over the last few days? Were you able to see your doctor about the medication side effects? Things sound like they've been really tough lately Smiley Sad

Re: Anxiety, Tics, and getting help.

I understand what you are going to . I have been suffering from anxiety and depression for a while now and I have been put through the ringer because of that. I have to say that thankfully these days a lot more people are paying attention to their mental health and are seeking help then in the years past. It personally took me  along time to actually ask fr help and for many years  tried to battle it on my own. It never really works out so when I got that kick in the arse and went to talk to a therapist that was the first step that I needed to take. I ave been steadily going to therapy and working through my issues but I also have been using kratom to help me out. I have tried different anti-anxiety medications before I started using kratom but they all kind of did not work for me. I asked my therapist what other options I have and he suggested medical marijuana or kratom. I did some research and decided to try maeng da green. I got my package and started taking it. It does help with my anxiety and I do feel better but that is just me. If you want to try kratom you should make sure that you talk with a professional before you start taking it. I hope that you are feeling better though. Good luck.