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Anxiety management for highly sensitive person

I believe a friend has qualities of highly sensitive person. Please google to know what is highly sensitive person.


Often she is in situation that leads to anxiety but I don't believe she has anxiety disorder. Her anxiety is rare to be classified as disorder but when she is anxious it has profound physical symptoms. For example tummy upset, extreme fatigue and rarely headache. The symptoms stops her from working and that can further escalate anxiety.


My question is is there a medication that is fast acting she can take on need basis to reduce anxiety and/or reduce the physical symptoms.


If you know someone in similar situation and can share which medication has helped. I will ask her to consult doctor for it.








Re: Anxiety management for highly sensitive person

Hey @tomsan, welcome to ReachOut!

It sounds like you friend is going through a really tough time so good on you for trying to help her Smiley Happy.

In regards to the medication, we aren't allowed to suggest or name any medications on this site due to out guidelines although I would highly encourage her to see her local doctor for advice and possible recommendations.

Re: Anxiety management for highly sensitive person

Hey @tomsan, as @FootyFan26 has said, I would highly recommend you encouraging her to consult a GP. We do not provide any professional advice, as per the guidelines.Smiley Happy





Re: Anxiety management for highly sensitive person

I understand your policy now, but I feel you can still direct me to other sites that allow members to talk about medication. There are many such sites out there. So in this sense the replies I got was pretty much useless. 

But thank you anyway for replying to my post.


Re: Anxiety management for highly sensitive person




I'm sorry to hear what your friend is going through, it might be good for you to also encourage her to use services like ReachOut or another support group in the community to help manage her anxiety as well. If you are looking for medical advice ask your friend to phone HealthDirect (1800 022 222) and they might be able to assist you. However, as the others have already suggested, seeing the GP will give the most appropriate outcome for her.