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I was wondering if your could inform me about the support networks that you provide for anxiety with teens aged 14-16


Thank you!


Re: Anxiety

Hi @chacha_ and welcome to ReachOut! Smiley Happy I'm sorry that your post hasn't been replied to until now. 

We have some awesome factsheets on our website about anxiety such as getting help and self-help for anxiety that might be helpful for you.


Are there any places around you, such as in school/tafe/uni or family and friends, that you get support from?


Re: Anxiety

Hello @chacha_, thanks for reaching out!

There are a wide range of resources out there and it can really depend on what style suits you best. N1ghtW1ng listed some great places to start. I just wanted to add that there is also an apps and tools page where you can answer some questions to find some relevant tools for you! Here are also some examples I found: self-help anxiety management and anxiety reliever. If you have a smartphone, apps can be a great way to manage anxiety on-the-go!


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Re: Anxiety

hello @chacha_ welcome to the forums

others here have given some great resources for you

if your after more information and in person support you can also go to your gp, school counsellor or headspace

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Re: Anxiety

Hi @chacha_, thanks for posting in the forums. I hope you've found some of our resources useful! 

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